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It sounds so simple when you say it in a sentence.

“Oh we moved here, and we moved there, and we took this job, and we closed that door, and we made a transition, and we went out on a limb…”

I hear people saying these things. I say these things. But it rolls off the tongue so much easier than it plays out in life.

“I am moving” sails out of the mouth like an unanchored boat sails out of its dock.

It sounds so smooth and unhiccuped.

But no matter how hard one plans and prepares for a major transition there are loose ends, hearts to tend, phone calls, confusion, delays, forgotten necessities, very long to-do lists. The chaos is legit. Even when it’s a good move. Even when it’s positive and exciting and holds a hopeful promise, like this one most certainly does – it’s heavy and frayed.

And so when your luggage falls out all over the place, and your rent car is way too small for a family of five, and you scarf down meals, and the little hearts you mother feel the big change, and when you run to the corner of public places and wipe your tears so nobody sees your eyes leaking… you have to remember that uprooting is difficult. It’s normal that it’s difficult. It should be. It means that you dared to love in the place you were in. It means there is life pulsing all around you that needs tended to in the transition. What a blessed life I live!

I just started A.W. Tozer’s The Knowledge of the Holy. A dear kindred friend gifted it to me at our last coffee date. It starts out by saying…

“What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us.”

If I were to really boil it all down, I could show you that every single one of the destructive decisions I made in the past, could be chalked up to me not having a right view of who God is. I either believed Him to be untrustworthy, unreal, unhappy with me…any of a number of things. So Tozer here, talking about having a right view of God – it shakes me up. And it reminds me that my view of God and who He is – is always important, but that it is especially important in times of transition.

Having a correct view of God, makes me have a correct view of myself, which leads me to have a more pure and accurate view of others…so paramount when the ground beneath you is unchartered and the people around you are new and you’re constantly needing to remind Yourself of your identity in Him.

Tozer is teaching me in the transition and I am grateful.

We close on our new home today.

This has been years in the making for me and I’m sitting here with you a bit giddy over it all. The renting, the tiny spaces, the lack of roots – it takes a toll on a Mama. So getting the green light to own again puts me over the moon, really.

And it makes me plop to shaky knees and give God praise for what I feel like is from His hand.

He has been so faithful to us. So, so faithful.

Lord, let all the hearts that pass by here today really recognize You as being present and faithful in their current circumstances. Give them a keen awareness of You and what You are doing. Provide. Send overflow. Peace. Abundance. Revelation – in whatever it is that is hard and difficult in their current situations. Bless them, Lord. And give us all a right view of You, and an accurate interpretation of the gospel. Seal it in and let it guide and ground us. In Jesus’ name, yes and amen.

Hugs and love all around.

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