I set gas to flame and formed a fire this morning in the chimney.

It’s dancing happy across the room right now.

The bedroom hallway behind me is still dark with sleep.

Lit trees of Christmas are all the light I need to sit here with you at this cracking hour.

And the green glow of the oven clock is telling me that while I don’t have an abundance of time, I have an adequate amount before the hustle begins.

Thank you Lord for rousing me up despite heavy eyes and emotions today.

I’m thinking this morning about the caverns we explored over Thanksgiving break.

How above the rooms of wildly formed rock all you could see was normal, green ground. One would never imagine all the intricacies that lay beneath the surface, just by looking at the pretty but average land that blanketed the formations below.

As we moved deeper into the earth and took in all the hidden art that the belly of our planet was offering us, I couldn’t help but pertain it all to people.

Since I don’t have a ton of time before the Monday flurry begins, here’s the bottom line of the parallel…

I can’t emphasize enough the paramount importance of the hidden pursuit of holiness. 

Time and thought spent with the God of it all changes us into the type of people our world needs but doesn’t know it longs for. It laces up all our frayed places and allows us to live and love well. It grows a whole system of unseen beauty that can bless souls.

As we ready ourselves for the calendar change here soon, perhaps we should think about what we are doing to form and hone our insides.  All those fitness goals that people plan and sometimes stick to – they are worthwhile and stewardly. When we workout – we can work things in….yes. But setting aside moments with our Maker in the quiet is what will make the largest and most eternal impact.

There’s also something to be said about time spent, work done, efforts made – in the places that no one can see. There seems to be a sweet blessing to hushed obedience.

The same day we explored those deep rooms under ground, we passed a church sign that said…

Be simple on the outside and rich on the inside. 

It still has me nodding.

The fire that is rolling in those gas logs this early morning, is reminding me of the fire that I feel has returned to my own belly.

You can’t feel it, but I can.

And only God in His goodness could have lit me up again.



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