There’s something about music that moves me on the inside.

It strikes up all kinds of wild inspirations in my mind’s eye, calms almost all inner unrest, and sends me soaring to another place, time, environ.

Always has.

It’s a wonder my fingers never found their way to keys and strings. Are the early thirties too late?

Rhythm did end up flying out of my joints and limbs as a child. I’d dance for hours in our converted playroom garage, then in my basement as we moved north, then some on stage. Then it moved to a simple sway as we welcomed babies, being only babies ourselves then.

But the jolt of melody and lyric never left, and still lingers.

Tonight, I get to soak in harmony and rhythm again. The grand man I married surprised me with tickets to see my most favorite band this evening. I have been beside myself since he placed those paper stubs on my lap, eyes closed, wondering what the random surprise was.

Our current budget doesn’t usually allow for such things, so this show is a very, very sweet treat for a Mama who could really use a fine shot of creative excellence in this season.

NeedtoBreathe will deliver on this.

I first discovered them on a British Airways flight flying from London to Dallas. As you well know, this little fact makes them even more of a special favorite now.

Tears welled and leaked when I opened my tight eyes and realized what he was taking me to. They are blurring here again as I write about it.

I will ride the supreme wave of song tonight. And after I land, which may take a while, I’ll walk away roused and exhilarated, ready for a fresh artful outpouring of my own I’m sure.

As I said a few years back, music is the art that stirs on more art. Words will wander out of this most certainly. Notes from notes, really.

Oh, art. How it awakens and spurs and preaches and points to Him.

I plan to be back within days here, to spill out what arises this evening in the front row of that balcony seat.

Hugs, harmony, love to each of you this Tuesday, friends.

“Art blesses in ways that are hard to quantify…. Medical studies show that laughter and music help us deal with stress. Painting and photography deepen our appreciation of light, color, detail. Dance makes us aware of the form and movement of the human body. A life without art would be harsh, dull, and difficult.”

– Steve Turner, Imagine

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