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Good Quotes and Scripture

I just want to share a few quotes with you from my new Bible study on Overcoming Fear:

” I once read that fear is a darkroom where negatives are developed. Don’t let yourself live in that room! Move into the light and allow the overcoming truth of God’s Word to give you the faith you need to enjoy a life of freedom.” p. vi

“A healthy dose of fear keeps us safe, but unhealthy fear is paralyzing.” p.vii

“The truth is that there is no fear from which God cannot set you free!” p.13

And some scripture:

2 Timothy 1:7: For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline.

Isaiah 54:4
Isaiah 43:2
John 14:27

And as always please feel free to add your own! I will continue sharing wisdom from my study as I attempt to go from fearful to faith-filled. Which of course, will be a a continuing journey long after I complete this little Bible study if mine.

But this is a start.

My Rubber Band Man

He never takes it off. Never. For the last week my husband has been wearing a rubber band around his wrist – to remind him to pray for me. It was all his idea and it touches me so. A couple of weeks ago I got some frustrating news from my doctor. While my situation could be much worse, I… Read more →

Some Apple Orchard Goodness

We woke up early, put on our boots and jeans, and headed to the hill country. It had been over twenty years since I visited an apple orchard. The last time I went apple pickin‘ I was a 4 year old Texas misfit living in Massachusetts. I liked it then…..but I totally LOVED it today! It was like a scene… Read more →

One More Thing

One of the final thoughts in my last post was:“Instead of dwelling, I will keep dreaming.”Real quick, I feel like I need to expand on that.Not only is it destructive to dwell. And not only is it important to keep dreaming instead. But more than anything we should be DOING.I don’t know about you, but I seem to do more… Read more →

Campus Cravings

I don’t really want it back, but I have my moments.As we drove around looking at all of the new buildings being erected on our old campus last night – I couldn’t help but get a tad envious of the kids moving in. It took me right back to my first few days on campus myself. I remember it perfectly.… Read more →

My Mellow Monday

To be honest, I should be doing laundry. We are almost out of clean towels. I should also be doing the dishes, picking up my son’s toys (that are everywhere), vacuuming, brushing the dog, dusting, and putting dozens of candles away from our power outage last night. But I’m not. I tend to be the type that can’t rest or… Read more →


I love football Friday nights. We attended a high school football game in my husbands hometown last night. And oh, it just blessed me so. Let me tell you why… Not only did I enjoy a shredded chicken sandwich and dominance by the hometown team…..but I totally enjoyed the people. We ran into dozens of folks who just totally made… Read more →

Lessons Learned

Over the past few months I have been through the ringer with God on some things. While there are certainly many areas of my life that I would love some help with – it is the other areas, that I’m actually comfortable with, that God has chosen to change. Go figure. Isn’t it so like a human to feel comfortable… Read more →