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Just Enough

God came near.

And that ain’t all He did, friends.

He shook things up a bit. Knocked me completely on my big pregnant fanny. Probably laughed about it a bit. Set me straight on a few things. Picked me back up. Dusted me off. Rested me up. And then I hope He “looked over all He had made and saw that it was good!”

Because it WAS good. And it was VERY needed.

But I never would have invited Him to do some work in me in quite the manner he chose to do it in. (Doesn’t it always seem to work that way?)

He is so mysterious. I like that about Him. (And then again sometimes I don’t.) It’s funny how out of no where, He’s there. I can be in an intense season of real doubt and wondering – dealing with serious faith questions and mad about it – when all of a sudden He’s just there. Just near. Sometimes He’s not speaking. Sometimes He’s not even coming close to doing things my way. But He’s there. And that is enough. It’s enough to quiet the questions, drown out the doubts and tote my tears for a while.

Through a series of weird and difficult events during the past few weeks – God has done A LOT in me. And ya know, there are times in my life where, if I read a statement like that one, I might be prone to doubt it or even scoff at it. Thinking that what happened to that person wasn’t God at all – but just life. I have to tell you though – the next time I find myself doing that (and I know I will) I must remember the realness of His closeness right now.

God came near and it was enough, y’all. Just enough.

As Jeremy Camp puts it:

“All of you is more than enough for all of me

For every thirst and every need
You satisfy me with your love
And all I have in You is more than enough”

Oh God, continue to be so real to me – to all of me. My mind. My heart. My soul. Let me be a woman who welcomes you in whatever way you like. Hush the worries and quiet the fears just enough for me to hear and see You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Wash Your Hands

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Be Inspired

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Cashier Crushes

There I stood. Hot pink slippers. Heart-patterned bathrobe. Hair in a high bun. No makeup. Tired. And hungry. In all my glory I watched my husband bring in the groceries. He does the grocery shopping these days. Thank the Lord. In my condition, if I were to go to the store – I would end up spending our entire budget… Read more →

Pregnancy Power

Pregnancy makes me feel a lot of things. It makes me nauseated, exhausted, irritable, undesirable, and moody. It makes my face break out in acne. It makes me have dark circles under my eyes. It makes me complain…a lot. It makes me very, very sleepy. And it makes me weird. But…. It also makes me feel capable and able. It… Read more →