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Sometimes, the leopard-loving, soul-searching, civilization-craving girl inside of me…just wants to scream. But then the crumb-catching, tot-toting, modest mother in me hushes her up.


But not last night.

No Mam.

It’s safe to say…I lost it a little yesterday. The kids and I have been having lots of “togetherness” lately. Which is wonderful….I LOVE staying home with my children and wouldn’t trade it for anything. But after a while……

a Mama needs a moment.

So I had another Bob Evans night.

Whenever I need to get-away….that has to be the restaurant of choice. We live in a tiny town. It’s either a bar or Bob’s. My husband prefers for me to frequent the latter.

As I walked in…an elderly lady was giving me this strange look. Almost like she was scolding me. “Weird”, I thought. But then I realized what it was. You see….my darling daughter is still drinking breast milk. And it had been a while since I pumped. (She wasn’t a real enthusiastic breast feeder…so now I pump. I feel like Kate the Cow.) I can leave the house with a normal looking chest….and by the time I’m on my way back home I look like I have implants. It’s crazy. So when I put my shirt on before I left – I was revealing nothing. But by the time I made it to Bob Evans…..I was revealing everything. Sorry lady….I’m a milk machine. I think I will put my V-neck shirts away for a while.

Other than that…the evening was blissful. U2 was playing over the speaker. I thought that was a bit peculiar for a Bob Evan’s….its more of a bluegrass kinda place….but I was happy about it. I decided that God had them play U2 just for my listening enjoyment.

 I ordered a very healthy meal: grilled chicken, with garden veggies, and a baked potato. And….I ate the baked potato dry. I felt so disciplined. I even ordered water instead of sweet tea. That is almost a sin for a southern girl. But then……

Yeah. I ordered dessert. Apple pie. Not only did I order apple pie…I ordered it with ice cream and caramel sauce. Yes, I did. And after that….I ate the whole thing. And I’m here to tell you….it was worth it 🙂

After I scarfed down my dessert – I sat there and read for a while. It was so pleasant.

I went home with a rejuvenated brain, a full belly…..and VERY full boobs.

Thank you, Bob Evans. I’m sure it won’t be long until you see me again. But next time…I think I might wear a turtle neck 🙂

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