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Something to Remember

I was reminded last week – of how I am but dust.

Of how I am but a broken woman who needs a whole Savior.

A Savior who gave all of Himself and who takes all of me.

Oh friends…

Sometimes your own depravity just needs to smack you in the face.

Sometimes we just need to come to the end of ourselves – and reawaken to the fact that we aren’t any brand of good without the Messiah.

Because it’s easy, isn’t it?

It’s easy to talk the talk of Christ – and throw tithe in the plate – and spout off frothy phrases and fitting scriptures. And it’s easy….to substitute happiness for joy – by turning to the momentary frills of life, rather than the Creator of all the days.

It’s easy to recite and rule-keep and regulate…

rather than recognize and remember.

As Christians, we must always keep in mind and heart…who we are with Him – and who we are without Him.

Because the difference is stark.

And last week – in all sorts of ways – and in every imaginable area….He showed me that, yes…

When we come to these kinds of moments – when it all seems above us, and the mess of this earth just seems too deep….we have a few options:

We can either sink into a dark low of hopelessness and despair


we can sink low into a humbled state and find Him.

Because when we’re brought low – we meet the Most High.

Is that not incredible? His Kingdom really is smack upside down.

When we’ve hit bottom – we’ve made it big.

When we’re completely broken – we’re made whole.

When we lose our lives – we find our lives.

When we are the least – we are the greatest.

Our Jesus – He came and turned the world on it’s head. The One who spoke us all into motion – was the One who was sent to be sacrificed.

But before He accomplished it?

the blind…..could see

the lame…..could walk

the lepers…..were cleansed

the deaf…..could hear

the dead……were raised

the poor…..had good news brought to them.

Does anybody else want to shout and clap?

He reversed it all.

He reversed us all.

The King – who had armies of angels willing and ready to act whenever He told them to…..came and made Himself lower than those very angels…

for you….and for me.

It’s all so backwards. And baffling.

And when I look at Him  – and I look at me – and I look at who I am on my own – and I look at who I am in Him…..

all the pride – it sloughs away.

The crown gets thrown down.

May we always, always remember that when we get over ourselves – we come under Him.

And what does He do when we come under Him?

He makes dust…

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