Monthly Archives: May 2013

A Post

It’s been said that creativity rises up at its best when there’s rest….

that when a person is calmed and far away from the tired frenzy – they are better able to ignite and create.

And it’s true.

Because the last several days – there has been none of either. Not much rest – and not much creativity.

When your husband-your helper…… hops a plane to Africa for eleven days – you find yourself…………tired.

My three blondes, and our crumb-littered house, and our hungry bellies, and our laundry baskets, and our inquisitive minds –  have kept me busy 🙂

I’m a smidge worn, a little sleepy, and a bit depleted.

So, my apologies for the lack of postings. 

I’ll be back in a jiffy. Have a splendid week, friends. Hugs to all.

A Mission

He wings away today…. Soaring high over oceans and continents to get to them. Me aching here – because the one my heart belongs to is over there. But… All this…. This evangelizing, aiding, loving, and lifting up – it’s a passion deeply rooted in the one I wed. So as I tend to the soil I’ve been given here… Read more →

The Littles

Perhaps you’ll remember this? From a few posts ago?….“My faith is too feeble for fake. I can’t afford to front here friends.I’ve got to have the real Jesus. Empty rituals and man-made routines and absent-minded traditions….those things won’t do. Those things don’t woo a doubter.” Yeah….they won’t woo your wee ones either. Not after they grow wings, anyway. So creating… Read more →

A Sunday for Mama

Love on a plate. That’s what they served their Mama this morning. Frozen waffles stacked just so. A perfectly ripe banana. A vitamin. A tall glass of liquid. And those cards….those cards with M-O-M scribbled all over front and back…. by little hands just learning to form lines and curves into coherent characters…. Yes. I’m a real proponent of Mother’s… Read more →


When the one that took you in under his wing – unexpectedly flies away to Him….it can leave you flat out wondering. We’re walking around here all sniffly-nosed today… Because a man of God – who built into the life of my husband and oozed wisdom and encouraged generously and ran for Christ – he has gone now to be… Read more →