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A Trip and a Prayer

It’s weird flying away from the nest…

…even for just a little while.

Because children – they ring in so much love and laughter and learning….but they also steal your head space. They move in and occupy all your thinking…so that even when you aren’t physically with them – your mind’s eye is.

When you whisk away from your world for a weekend – you find your thoughts meandering right back to the world you know. Especially when your offspring are there.

So, hopping a plane north last week – was odd. I found myself a bit lost without each cherub attached to my disjointed hip.

But alas…

The doors of Ohio were open…. and we were tightly embraced by the familiar on Sunday.

With arms spread wide – our former church family welcomed us right back in. Truly…a gift!

With the pastor on sabbatical – my husband did a little filling in.

I had watched my husband prepare all week long – so while I knew that his sermon was about pride – I had no idea that, really….his sermon was about me.

I was utterly convicted.

Shocked at the Spirit’s power on the whole thing…..I’m still reeling it over in my heart. Good, good word.

I sit here today, however – back in the nest. Back to the crumbs and the Legos and the diapers. Back to a mountain of library books and overflowing laundry baskets.

And one would think that after having some time away – I would be a perky and refreshed Mommy – all ready to handle her wee ones with a smile….but that has not happened this week, my friends.

I’ve been on edge and a tad perturbed at things.

Perhaps I was spoiled this past weekend? Perhaps I’m tired from the whirlwind trip? Perhaps it’s God bringing my pride to the surface and showing me that really – I don’t have anything together. Only He does.

All three of those, maybe?

So as I’m in the midst of all this – the sermon pondering, the squawking toddler, the crumbs…(that.are.everywhere)….maybe you too – are feeling a bit frayed this week?

Maybe a bit incapable? Unmotivated? Overwhelmed?

Stop the frenzy for a moment – and pray with me….

Oh Father, we pause. We recognize that You alone provide patience, and joy, and contentment….productivity, and peace, and love. Aline us with Your will. Let Your desires for our lives – be our desires for our lives. Sustain us in our current seasons and give us hope and ability for future ones. Grow our faith. Reveal Yourself to us in new and refreshing ways. Renew in us – right spirits. Let us be light – here in our homes, at workplaces, at church, in the community. Love through us. We are grateful for Your presence and for your faithfulness. Bring peace, God. In Jesus, Amen.


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