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I hear one of them humming just on the other side of the wall.

It’s either the oldest or the youngest….because the middle one doesn’t bother with hums. There is always a lyric to her tune, with a dance to coincide.

The boys charge out of the gate at the same time every morning. I have a clock hanging on the far wall in their room – and when the first born blonde sees the little hand on the 7 and the big hand on the 12….it’s go time. The door swings open wide and fast and they begin hunting for two things….

 ….food and Mama.

The youngest usually toddles in after the oldest and climbs into my lap for the early morning squeeze.

Ah, bliss.

There’s nothing like fresh cheeks from the crib….all soft and new…..ready for a Mama’s kiss early in the crisp hours of the day.

The old boy – he likes a long sturdy hug…. but is really after something hot for his belly.

My lyric girl – she likes to sleep in a bit longer than her brothers – and she takes particular joy in me coming in after her….rather than her emerging from slumber and coming in after me.

(Isn’t that just like a woman? All wanting to be noticed and discovered and wooed? It’s already begun.)

Mornings are tender.

They set the tone for the hours ahead. They influence the condition of the heart for the rest of the day. They fill or empty.

The first few hours of wakefulness are vulnerable. They’re unripe.

And us Mama’s…we’re wise to be ready for it.

Because the enemy is. He knows that the groggy eyes, the sleepy minds, the hurry and scurry of the day’s awakening – can steal the joy and peace right out of a person’s 24 hours.

However….understand this:

The enemy can steal…..but Mamas can still.

Whether your babies hop a school bus each AM,  or get dropped off by a carpool, or are left in the care of a trusted sitter, or settle into a school desk at home….. they need a prayed up, chaos free…. welcome to the day.

And those men of ours – who work and toil hard long hours each week….they need the same.

And good grief…all of us women…the ones who work out of the house and the ones who work within…the ones who have husbands present and the ones that don’t…us women who help the world to keep spinning –

I’m not sure what this looks like for everyone. It could include a calm cup of coffee, or hot food, or candles, or quiet time in the Word, or an organized back-pack, or an already assembled lunch, or praise music, or kind notes,  or a good grateful attitude, slowness, touch, a hushed….at ease atmosphere, or prayer. Yes, prayer.

Whatever brings an easy calm to the dawn….do that.

And know…..that the true difference begins in just the awareness. The awareness that mornings are indeed delicate. And that they can make it or break it for our nearest and dearest.

Just knowing that hearts are exposed – and that enemies lurk – and that we have the faculty to influence it all – sets us up for some success.

Picture perfect mornings are rare. And even when they do occur – the day can run sour, fast. I know.

 But…ringing in some sweetness for all our people….little and big….helps them to dash into the day steady and ready.

Let it be so today, Lord. One dawn at a time….let us build up, fill up, rise up – and bless our beloveds. Equip our Mama hearts and calm our crazy minds….

and let us love well…

all day. 

“We produce an environment other people have to live in. We should be conscious of the fact that this environment which we produce by our very being can affect the people who live with us or work with us. The effect on them is something they cannot avoid. We should have thoughtfulness concerning our responsibility in this area.”
– Edith Schaeffer in The Hidden Art of Homemaking


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