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Good Morning

I’m at the dining table typing today.

The youngest has woken up well before his allotted start time – due to a snotty head.

Watery eyes, drippy nose, lethargic…. all he wants is Mama.

And tissues.

He’s getting lots of both.

When settling down to munch on breakfast – he asked me to sit with him while I write.

So I moved candle and computer into our common area here…. and the change in scenery is a welcome one, albeit loud.

I’m flanked by blondes at this point.

The oldest saw that the youngest got to get out of the gate early – so now he has joined us.

I’m sure the girl isn’t far behind.

So much for my early writing time…. alone.


Soak in the season, Mama. It will flee fast.

Today….the eve of Christmas eve – it’s an antsy, thoughtful one.

Everyone in this house – looking forward to celebrating and eating and opening and pondering the Purpose of it all.

And allowing the gears to turn for what next year could hold, what matters and goals to fixate on, what fresh starts to forge and conquer.

For me…I’ve got a clear concentration.

I’m sure it will make it’s way into my words throughout the year.

But for today – we will snuggle in, and read, and think, and clean up, and administer medicine, and take shelter from the elements.

It’s a cool, cloudy, wet and thunderous day in these parts.

Perfect for doing those things I just mentioned above.

I hope your days leading up to Christmas and New Years – are filled with peace and direction for the coming year, friends.

Grateful for each of you.

Holiday hugs to you all.

Hello, Again

Everyone else in my house has yet to stir. Heads are still resting on pillows and the sun won’t make it’s way through our windows for a while still. I’m up, however. I’m up…because I know that if I will have any quiet, still, unrushed moments – I have to steal them. And I have to steal them early. But… Read more →


Every once in a while the itch to write, trumps all else. I have moments where I feel such a strong beckoning to sit and scribble words, that I can’t find peace doing any other thing. Most times I can tell whether it’s me – simply longing and needing to do something of my own and something for myself……..and when… Read more →

The Holidays

There’s gold to be seen this holiday week, friends. Just a few days ago, around 1pm when the sun was high and tarrying….the blondes and I were out back. There were pine needles all over the porch that needed sweeping, and balls bounced about all over the grass, and piping pitched around by the boys. It needed a tidying. As I was… Read more →


Mama is worn. It’s been 16 hours since I hit the ground running this morning….groggy from going to bed too late the night before. All three kids are tucked away in bed now. I can breathe. 🙂 A calm waft of piano is streaming from an old Apple. The thrum of the heater is intermittently running. And 10 day old… Read more →

A Testament and a Prayer

The clouds are close today. They are hovering low and thick….and they are making everything outside look a tinge grey. It’s cold. Down here in the deep depths of Texas… forties is frigid. The low ceiling outside, and the cool mild temps – make my mind wander to England. But one look out my back window – where palm trees… Read more →

The Post

It’s been happening for years now. This steady, consistent, perpetual – almost harping from the Lord, about a certain region of the world. It started way back in the early summer of 2012…. This bombardment of information, and inklings, and longings and likings – that spurred up out of no where. From people, books, sermons, videos, visions, dreams…it’s been hitting… Read more →

Winging Away

I’ve been back in the swing of all things Mama for a day and half now. I was thrust right back into ordinary life with whines and giggles and discipline and arithmetic and ailment. It’s a rare day here in the South – with clouds hovering heavy, and rain intermittently falling, and a cool, cool breeze wafting through. The oldest… Read more →

A Rare Trip

I don’t wing away from the nest very often. It’s pretty much never, actually. So the fact that I am flying halfway across this big fine nation tomorrow…away from my blondes and my brood – it makes my heart and brain spin a little. This trip – that I had written off as impossible…due to budget and logistics and care-taking…… Read more →


It’s Monday eve….and I’ve found myself in a dark, golden-lit French bistro. Sans children. Just me, my books, my laptop, my dreaming. These reprieves are rare. And as you now know, I’m content with this. Coming off of a full weekend – that required much of my time, attention, and devotion….and being at the beginning here of a week that… Read more →