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There’s a pot of Easter Lilies sitting on my entry way bench.

They are large, pearl white, and beginning their bloom.

One flower in particular is facing me now – and the way those petals open up and sprawl out – it compels me.

It’s almost as if they’re shouting Glory.

Tomorrow – as we rise….let us think of His rising.

As we zip up Easter dresses, and load vans, and greet, and mingle, and sing, and listen, and pray, and gather, and hunt, and feast –  let tradition not be void of meaning. 

Let tinsel, and pomp, and memory-making bow to the Resurrected.

Let’s let loose like lilies and proclaim that our God is good, and able, and ALIVE!

You can read the resurrection account from John… by clicking here. Go and enjoy and ingest it….you’ll be filled, friend!

I’m praying for fresh revelations, thorough healings, and crisp beginnings – to make their way into your Easter day.

It’s been a pleasure sitting here with you this week.

Love and joy and newness to you all!

Good Friday

I’m sitting under a big stretching canopy of blue. The skies….they really are broader in these parts – with no hills to confiscate the sky view. With sun shining high and bright in an early afternoon atmosphere – I’m reading John’s account of Christ’s crucifixion. While all the whole story shocks me with sorrow and gratefulness – There is one… Read more →


The youngest came in with mud squished between his toes, and feet bottoms covered in a silt-like sludge…. ….not once, but twice today. And so I took him to the sink, hoisted his little diapered bottom up on the counter, turned the faucet on, and wiped away the clay. Two times. It wasn’t until half-way through the second wash –… Read more →

Wednesday of Holy Week

We’ve had a steady flow of strangers streaming through our home here lately. Apparently, when you tell your landlords you are moving – they waste no time filling your spot. And so….sometimes on a moments notice – I have to make my home look like no one lives in it, pack my children up, and leave my house for over… Read more →


“Charles Spurgeon once said that when a jeweler shows his best diamonds, he sets them against a black velvet back-drop. The contrast of the jewels against the dark velvet brings out the luster. In the same way, God does his most stunning work where things seem hopeless.” – from Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire by Jim Cymbala The above quote is… Read more →

Holy Week: Monday

Clouds are hovering dark and heavy here in Houston today…. threatening to all out pour on this city. And I feel it’s rather appropriate. This Monday of Holy Week – with skies ready to empty out a quenching, and all of us here needing it…. all of us here – walking toward the cross – where Love poured forth from… Read more →

Easter 2014

I come into Holy Week….needing healing, hope, and wholeness. I come into this season – needing faith, courage, and a heart that trusts. I walk into this week, friends – longing to know Him more, desiring to see His face, wanting to hear His voice, needing to feel His hand on my life. You too? I’m not alone in this?… Read more →


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Seek Them

I’ve discovered that the bravest among us are those who hope. Those souls who find a way to offer up optimism, vision, expectancy….. Those people who choose to stay in the realm of possibilities and who maintain a keen, ambitious outlook…. They’re the ones you want to know. They’re the ones you want to mimic. Because those of us who… Read more →