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This Evening

I woke up to thunder in the wee hours this morning.

It stirred me, and got me going, and lifted me from slumber early enough for this Mama to just have a moment.

And oh, Mama’s need a moment in the morning…before their littles arise! Yes.

A roll of prominent booms is reeling outside – with rain threatening to pour….

…. and it makes me anticipate my evening.

I have about a dozen names sitting here to my right.

And those ladies, and my co-leader, and I – we will convene. And we will introduce. And we will eat cookies. And we will plaster on name tags, and we will get serious about seeking Him, and we will gather round tight.

Because tonight….

We begin a new Bible study.

We start a new search through the Scriptures.

We take our first few steps on a new journey toward Him and His people.

And I have wild dreams for it all.

I understand that time is precious. Select hours propped right in the middle of the week? – these women could be doing a thousand different things other than this.

But they have boldly reached out, and committed to 8 weeks of Wednesday gatherings, and I trust that the Lord – He will meet us and make us soar.


Because when we huddle up in pursuit of Him….things do happen! 

He speaks. And He heals. And He makes broken places whole.

Yes He does.

So just as the storm whirled through these parts this morning….I pray earnestly that the Spirit would whoosh through likewise, this eve.

I’m itching for an outpouring.

They are too.

The rain is falling on all our pines outside. And I sit here…


Lord, let the thunder from your throne room rumble….. and let the rains you send in on us ring in much. 

Yes and Amen.


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