Monthly Archives: September 2014

Friday Snapshot

I’m sitting here on the fringes of fall this morning.

With windows slid upright and all manner of insect and amphibian noises coming from the yard out back.

It’s still somewhat dark, but it’s growing lighter with every glance.

The air has lost it’s summer sting.

A cool mistiness has replaced the Gulf’s humid steam.

My boys are already up….already playing outside even at this early hour.

My girl is still snoozing there on her bottom bunk.

The squeak of the trampoline is echoing off of our wooden fence, and I wonder what the neighbors think….of children bouncing high before breakfast and sunrise.

The day holds much.

Bed sheets to wash. Learning lessons to hold. Emails to send. Doctor’s appointments to make. Papers to sift through. Errands to run. Family birthday presents to buy. Lists to be made. Grass to shear. All before a soccer game this eve.

Ah. Breathe Mama.

All this….all this runaround. All these full to the brim moments. All these loud child voices rising high each day. All the neglect of self – they’re blessings. I must remember it.

The following is printed in a quote book I own:

“Normal day, let me be aware of the treasure you are. 
Let me learn from you, love you, bless you before you depart. 
Let me not pass you by in quest of some rare and perfect tomorrow.”


This week – feeling worn, and torn, and a bit tattered…. I’ve had to fight the thoughts that come to mind that say they’ll lead me to greener pastures just over the fence.

You know the ones…

The thoughts that try to carry you to some fantasy life – where kids don’t holler and laundry washes itself and roses are everywhere.

Women! We must realize – that while our minds can carry us to pretend, fantasy-like tomorrows…reality can’t. Those scenes don’t actually exist….no matter how vivid the imagining.


Behold today.

The loud, full, messy, imperfect…. ordinariness of it all.

The middle blonde has risen now and is curled up behind me in my bed.

The boys have made a race track on the porch for all their Matchboxes.

It’s bright now.

The day is darting, and I better do the same.

A Morning Poem

I think I might use this smidgen of time here this morning….to punch out a poem. It’s just where I am today. Please excuse all errancy and lacking. It’s early. There’s no time for a good, thorough edit. And for me, poetry is somewhat new. Hugs to you all. As dawn emerges all slow and steadyAnd this mind raps out… Read more →

The Sermon

There’s a song bird just outside my window this morning. The sky is high and clear and the air outside looks crisp. The clock is quickly approaching that hour where the blondes rise and stampede into their day. I just rolled out of the bed and stammered here to greet you. It’s been too many days since I’ve sat and… Read more →


I went to a bookstore today. This means I went right near heaven. Few things make me feel inspired, and connected, and known, and enthused like pages in binding. Passing all those classics I haven’t read yet – I feel giddy and guilty all at the same time. It makes me want to scoop them all up for purchase and… Read more →