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This week here – sandwiched between the coming of a Savior and the start of a year…

It’s a special one.

Just after Christ’s entrance, we boot the year goodbye.

We ponder the King-Child, and then we explore and contemplate ourselves.

Not a bad practice I’d say:

Looking at Jesus, then analyzing self – it seems smart to me.

Going into something new, fresh off the heels of considering our Savior… what perfect timing!

Because really…

We can only see ourselves clearly and accurately when we see ourselves in light of the Love that came.

I like that the new year starts right about now.

It fits.

I’m sitting at a desk, in front of a mirror, beside a window, next to a TV, under a lamp, in a hotel room…. as I write this.

I’ve been gifted with a few rare hours away with my husband, alone.

He has found the workout room, and I have found my words again.

One of the main points on our agenda tonight and tomorrow – is to discuss 2016.

Only the Lord knows what awaits – so we will seek Him together on this, move forward as He leads, and be all in.

One of the things that I feel might need revised and revived in the coming year, is this spot here.

I am completely aware that my blogger blog looks like it came straight out of 2005 – when blogs were new on the scene, and all the templates were the same, and fancy blog duds weren’t invented yet.

I have watched sulkingly as mom bloggers like me catapulted themselves into blog bliss with new beautiful backgrounds, and professional designs, and thousands of followers because of it.

I have turned my nose up at it all – hoping that the writing was worth more than the bling – that it would attract who it should – that it would reach who it was meant for.

And perhaps it has.

But now I’m feeling a bit of a tap – to go ahead and get my act together…to make things excellent while still making them authentic.

Because we should never let authenticity be an excuse for a lack of excellence. 

You can have both.

And Lord, let that be our aim. Let us all be open, and transparent, and honest, and real – while still attempting to live a top-notch life.

I have a fresh and somewhat ferocious feeling as we turn the page here.

There are new paths to trot and trail blaze in the next 12 months.

For us all.

Your kind company along the way means the world.

Happy, happy 2016!

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