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Last Post before Lent

I’m beginning to believe that the well is deeper than we’ve ever dared to wonder.

I’m starting to think that our source waters are more of an abyss than a container.

I’m thinking that the pool we have to draw from is so much more vast and profound than we ever thought possible… that if we were to jump into the waters and dive to the bottom looking for it’s end….

we would never find it.

Life with God….

It’s different.

It’s empowered.

It’s tinged.

When the Holy Spirit touches a heart, a life, a purpose, a talent – it explodes into all kinds of splendor.

And the well that all this comes from…it never empties.

Oh, may we lower our buckets.

I have been praying about what to hand over and up for the Lenten season for a while now.

When I casually sat down to my desk earlier today, and asked once more what He wanted me to fast….

I was shocked by the immediate inkling of a response:

“Your blog writing.”

“Excuse me?”

“I’ve just now hit my stride God! I’ve written more in the last weeks than I’ve written in some years – so no. Not that.”

My initial reaction was not peace or willingness.

But I’ve been praying off and on ever since about it…..

Asking if the voice I heard in my heart was His on this matter.

And it seems….. it was.

And so it looks like I am…

Fasting public writing for the duration of Lent this year.

I think it will be a season of scooping out water for my cistern….

from that well of His that never, ever runs dry.


I hope whatever it is that you take away or implement over the next several weeks – will result in new realizations, fresh horizons, and faith falling afresh.

I will see you in April, friends. 🙂


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Lent 2015

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The Table

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A Pleasant Afternoon

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