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What’s Ahead

I’m writing early.

Sitting here on the fringes of Monday, I’m looking out onto the new week, the new year that is coming, and I feel a full well of strength, confidence, and security filling up on the inside of me.

It wasn’t there this time last year.

2016 was a bit of a doozy. Nothing life-shattering, but life-changing?… Yes. Maturity making? Refining? ….Absolutely.

The holidays have afforded me the chance of going on more long walks lately. Dreaming, imagining, praying, working things out in my mind is usually what takes place on all these suburban sidewalks. And there are a trio of thoughts that I feel like I should really wrap a tight fist around this year. Maybe you’ll join me?….

  1.   I need to fervently ask God to be bigger in me than anything or anyone I confront or encounter. He already is. But I want it to be seen, felt, and evident in my life. Mostly to me. But others too.

 2.   I need to be lazer focused on the assignments He provides for me this year. This means not being lured away from my purposes via media, laziness, or a shaky selfhood.

3.    I need to remember that I don’t need anyone to speak my identity over me, because God already has. This isn’t a turn towards being overly confident. It’s simply a sweet assurance that He has called me to certain genres, just like He has called you to yours, and I don’t need anyone else to affirm it for me anymore. I just need to get to work.

I made my way along a dusty bayou a few days ago, where a blue heron swooped in low below me. I’ve seen him before around our waters, because he seems to nest nearby. Most often times, when I encounter one of these large birds, they take flight when I make my way past their station.

But not this guy, not this time. I walked directly opposite of him, and he not only refused to fly away, he didn’t even look to acknowledge my passing. He stared out to the side, looking secure and focused. He looked like He knew the reason he had come to rest on that sandy bank, he knew his purpose for the day, and so he stood strong no matter who happened to strut by.

This go around, let it be us.

As we visor our hand up over atop our eyebrows this week, peering into the coming year, let’s be thoughtful and intentional about how we will handle what it holds. Be prayerful about it. Planning without prayer is like aiming for the big wide sky blindfolded. He will narrow it down for You. Listen. Take note. Move forward.

It’s still dark but the oldest is stirring. A full day awaits. Mama here needs to shed this robe and dive right in.

This spot, along with all social media accounts, will be quiet and chirping this week. I want to sit under His wings for a while without distraction, as I consider what’s coming.

I’ll be back and happy about it, the Monday after new years…just one week away!

Blessings and revelation to you all, as you round out what’s behind us, and eye what’s ahead. Yes!

Hugs to everyone.




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