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Leap Day

I passed by a park and decided to let my toes tap the sky.

Me, all grown here, I swung all by myself. I had no usual park patrons in tow, just adult Mama.

I had been on a dream walk of sorts – tennis shoes all tied up tight, headphones hooked up and streaming, sunshine, breeze, just a moment for me to leave the house and imagine things I’d like to have come to fruition someday. It’s something I try to do once a week or so.

As I walk, I wonder.

It’s good for a woman who is surrounded by the same walls all day. Breaking loose out into the open air frees up my spirit again and let’s my mind run wild for a while.

So that day when I rounded the corner to see the neighborhood play area with no one on it, I knew I needed to swing high and uninhibited.

I did. And it made me remember joy. And it made me unbuckle my tightly wound heart again.

It only lasted for a moment. Words started to fly and I had to scribble them quick while my oversized Mom bottom was being squeezed by the strap of leather they call a seat. Those things are made for smaller bottoms than mine, apparently.

After jotting down what was spilling over, I ramped up the thing again. Back and forth, smiling, just at myself. I hopped loose while the swing was still flying high, just like I used to.

My feet hit the ground. And I walked back to life.

We find ourselves receiving an extra 24 hours today, friends. We’re sitting in the leap year here. We’re being blessed with a whole ‘nother day to do. Might we let it include some things that we normally wouldn’t?

Like a good swing?

Or a nice note?

Or a donut?

Or a simple stroll on your lunch hour?

Or a surprise for someone special?

Or extra minutes to sit outside and read?

Maybe write? Pray? Journal? Dream?

Use it. Grab these bonus hours and bust out something excellent.

I’m sitting here thinking up what the blondes and I might do a little differently today – just to mark the extra moments.

Let’s all recognize them somehow, and fill them up with sweet fine things, no matter how small.

Because really we all live with such abundance, don’t we?

Consider this your invitation to celebrate in some way.

We’ll be with you. Marking the bounty, too.

A Revelation

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People need people. Even us humans who feel like crowds cut our energies and storehouses. Even us humans who fill back up by finding a quiet corner. Even us humans who’ve been burned and wounded in the group-like setting. Even us. We were all fashioned for fellowship.  And the ones who brave the reach and dive in, they usually end… Read more →

An Afternoon

I’m on the porch peeling a clementine. And I’m sitting here thinking about how life peels back the layers on us sometimes. How it digs in, rips back, and lets the dermis free. This can be good; like when it rips up sheets of self-centeredness, pride, and deep seeded angers. But it can also be bruising; like when it severs… Read more →


Some of us need to learn to open our palms out wide for the offering. There are a good few of us here who need to crank our wrists around, cup hands, and allow others to have the blessing of filling our worlds every now and then. Some of us are good givers, but wretched receivers. I’ve been learning lately… Read more →

This Day

As the sun rises high in our southern sky today, the temps will too. The mercury is projected to peek at 80, the heavens will be clear of clouds, and it will feel fine. It’s February. So to have all this warmth and rosiness here in a winter month, it delights me much. There’s a tightness, and a stress, and… Read more →

The Purge

Few things irk me like illness. Few things make me twitch and grimace like sickness does. A cold, cancer, or an ailment of any veracity or variety – I deem them all vile and odious. It’s strong language, I know. I picked it on purpose. If you’ve been around me personally at all, you may be smirking a bit. It… Read more →


When I attempt to light the fire of learning in my kids, I light a wick as well. Before math or science ever open up before us, I start melting wax. Monday was no different. I had lit a small votive earlier in the day to burn while we churned out our education. My oldest boy was closest to the… Read more →

7 Things

What I watch and read heavily effects me. I have a hard time compartmentalizing things and moving on. Ideas, scenes, lyrics, episodes, paragraphs – they all stick, and they all stay, and they all leave a heavily indented imprint on my soul. Because of this, I have to be keenly aware of what I’m taking in and processing. My purity… Read more →

A Lesson

I was all of 25 when my oldest was 2. A child raising a toddler, I was even more clueless as I am now about bringing up this surprise gift of a boy. Looking back out on the early years of his life, I wish I could knock on my Ohio door and have a talk over tea with myself.… Read more →