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My England

This week one year ago I was over yonder, across the pond, striking heels on English dirt.

My mind has been reeling as it relives the experiences I had there, wondering what it all means, hoping for more, praying for a door, pondering what the pull will produce.

As I sit here in my sleep clothes, getting ready to prep for an ordinary day, looking over the hours that are to come, seeing the routine and the usual – I’m understanding that it may be many moons before I behold what all He has beckoned me to across the waters.

And this is good. I accept the lessons and learning that are happening in the here and now. And I trust that they all will enrich the path I’ll end up walking.

My sense of a deep UK heritage still lingers, that whatever the purpose is for my passion, that my association with that place will be something of a returning, that my line had it coming somehow. It may sound so strange. Indeed it does to me too. But there it lies, embedded in my very blood, that whatever my path in Britain entails, it’s a kind of going back – even though all of this started before I had ever stomped on it’s green ground or breathed it’s sea air.

Right now I feel hopeful.

Here in this early morning moment I feel content with where I am currently – knowing that I have accrued much in my roles thus far, that more will be gained in character and spirit as I offer out each day, believing in the depths of me that the pen will have something to do with it all. That alone fires me up and fuels passion.

My prayer journal is open just to my left here. In the unoccupied spaces of the page I will write out a prayer today, asking the Lord to train that pen I hold. I will ask Him to fill that thing with a deep, rich ink that will woo souls to Himself.

I’ll also be asking for continued confirmations, training, and divine joy as I live out the life I’m holding now. There’s so much swarming. There’s so much at stake. There are lives to love on here in this moment. Let’s look around and see that the hearts that fill our homes will eventually spill out into the world! What a mighty work we have before us – to weave goodness into them while we can!

Reflecting back today, dreaming forward, and walking out the now.




Wouldn’t it be nice to know what He’s unfolding? Wouldn’t it just bring some ease, some solidity, some anchor?….to get a glimpse of what God might have waiting for you just down the lane a bit? Wouldn’t it erase some anxiety and stove off the wild scurry we all feel sometimes? It seems like it would. Sometimes, He does give… Read more →

Bread, and a Royal Birthday

I slipped out of bed sleepy this morning while the dark lingered, while the children lay, before the day really dawned. I attempted to wash the tired from my face, wrapped my robe tight around my waste, and started making banana bread. It was a little too early and I was a little too spent to dish out something so… Read more →


There’s a low, deep rumble coming from the skies today. It was there all through the long dark night, too. Our weather boy informed us at 4am that it had already rained a good many inches, that the lightening was indeed striking right over our home, and that there was no way he could sleep through such commotion. He was… Read more →


He told me that he could have sat there all night. He used words like peaceful and relaxing. He rolled down the old van window as I started the engine, so that he could hear the loud croak of the frogs nearby as we drove back to brick and concrete. We had hit the dusk hour. Night was falling, light… Read more →


The lilies my husband bought me are filling up our home with flower fragrance. I told my oldest that if we could have them on the table all the time, scented candles wouldn’t be necessary; my beeswax would do just fine. Lilies have this pure, healing scent that sends me upward. I’m certain that Heaven smells of the things that… Read more →

New Adventure

There’s a baby bouncer sitting next to our oversized stack of library books. It has freshly laundered blankets, bibs, and burp rags piled on top. A pack-n-play is all set up and displayed right in front of my bedroom window. A pink and white bottle cleaner is resting upright next to my kitchen sink. And board books are stacked beside… Read more →