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A Thursday Hallelujah

I’m sitting outside and I’m not sweating.


High heat and humidity hung around these parts well into the changing of the season this year, but I’m hopeful today as I sense something easier coming.

The earth here feels like it’s in need of a reprieve from all the berating it took the last few months, so this morning feels like a kind of sweet rescue.

Perhaps today finds a few of us feeling the same? Waking up a bit limped and haggard from some hard season? Needing a type of healing lift?

Lord, take what needs left behind, and fill us where we’re empty. Yes. I find so many of us floundering. Lead us all to firm purpose in each season, and give us the gumption, energy, and knowledge we need to walk it all out well. 

There’s a sweet pixie girl napping just on the other side of the window I’m typing by. She has been whacked with an autumn cold and I’m keeping close to make sure she doesn’t call for Nanny.

Extra snuggly as I laid her down to rest, sick showing in her baby eyes, I’m praying she has a healing sleep.

Another thing so many of us could use….rest that fills. Schedule it if you have to, protect it like a warrior woman, invite God into the halt. So often, that is where He not only delivers healing, but also creativity, direction, and even advancement.

My feet are being kissed by sunshine now, the end of this lawn chair no longer sitting in the shade. The sun is breaking up the blue above and making its way to full gleam.

There is a four year old who is waiting for Mama to do school with him, so eager at this age to receive and know.

A band of birds just whooshed right above our roof, wings sounding like rushing wind stirring up life.

Ring in a fresh wave of air for us all today, God. And let it spur us on to thriving.

A Word for Wednesday

I’ve been wondering lately what it would have been like to walk with Him here. Those two men who stumbled into the risen Jesus on their way to Emmaus have been perched in my thoughts, especially. Their story is found in Luke 24:13-35. I urge you to click over and read the verses yourself, even if you are familiar with… Read more →

The Gift of Mess

Having a home that looks staged rather than tenanted is how I’d like to live, if I’m being honest. I seem to operate best when my physical home looks like it does in my dreamy mind’s eye. But in reality, I’m sitting here on this early Monday with all manner of things scattered about my desk. A load of laundry is… Read more →

A Fresh Feeling

We’re sitting here on the early fringes of Fall. There’s a scarecrow, a large potted mum, and an assortment of pumpkins lining our walk and front porch. It’s still quite toasty down in these Texas parts, but there’s been a deviation in our longings this week. Feeling the itch for a shift, we are welcoming all things Autumn at our… Read more →

A Morning Conviction

I’m not going for guilt here today, friends. But I am going for gut change. When you sit down with your two oldest, open thin pages of printed scripture, and find the Word you read to them is really for you – the conviction and lightbulb are strong and sweetly piercing. They sleepily ate warm chocolate mini muffins from a… Read more →

Deep Change

What if I really let myself wander into the words that are farthest in? What if here tonight in the quiet dark, I swept passed the surface and cut loose what’s been tucked away waiting? What if I let myself not only find what’s lying underneath, but actually feel it. Then reveal it? I don’t know if it’s the strong… Read more →

Wednesday in the Word

When my fever flew to the heavens, and the shaking wouldn’t cease, and the hacking howled high and heavy, I knew in those dark hours of the night that I did not simply have ‘a viral illness that would pass with water and rest’, like the clinic doc had so assuredly told me the day before. The sun cracked its… Read more →

That Son

So it seems as though I’m full blown sick. It’s knocked me flat on my backside, made me grateful for healthy seasons, and given me a fine excuse to drink Canada Dry Ginger Ale and eat Archer Farms Trail Mix with the large chocolate covered caramels inside. The unexpected pause and rest has allowed me the rare freedom of thought,… Read more →

Our Edges

There’s a cluster of fire carnations on my table…gold and crimson in a recycled glass jar all bunched together, lighting my life up. The budget doesn’t always allow a stop at the flower counter, but when I passed by this miniature variety at the grocery store, they had a fierceness that I felt like I needed. So now here they… Read more →

Wednesday in the Word

The sky was blue and dreamy, and the wind was warm and sweet, and the forever reaching firs stood firm and fine above us as we made our way to waterfalls. We wound high to roaring beauty up that hill in Oregon… the pathway somewhat steep, the experience foreign to a flatland living woman, the postcard outlook inspiring awe ,… Read more →