We awoke to a drop in temps today.

I have on an actual long sleeve, a fire is burning low and constant in the living room, and I’m sitting square in front of an indoor Norfolk Pine.

Running my fingers along the fringy stems just now, I feel we’ve finally welcomed the first hint of winter.

Writing of cold, this space hasn’t been warmed by the fast tapping of keys much lately. It couldn’t be avoided or helped. And anyway, occasional bouts of silence makes the seasons of constant noise more enjoyable.

But a nice balmy breath is breathing in on this place again today. Thank you, God.

I do so love day one of something. And today, being December 1, makes me happy to begin a new month of steady sharing. This, paired with the wonderful fact that health and sanity and joy have returned to my heart and home – makes me not only willing to word-weave again – but makes me have to.

I need this.

As I sit here searching for the right words for the right thoughts, I just asked God to show me what I’m gripped by.

“It has been my practice never to proceed with a sermon or a book until I am gripped. I have learned – certainly in my case – that the anointing of the Holy Spirit is invariably connected to this phenomenon – being gripped.”

The above words are found in the preface of R.T. Kendall’s book* on ambition. And they confirm what I’ve long believed….. that we should write about whatever we are currently wrapped up in, that we should share and pour out what we are sincerely stirred over. Anything other than that feels forced and fake.

I am aware that the life of legit writing includes some assignments and moments that do not passionately resonate. But if I can avoid those, I will. Not out of laziness, I don’t think, but out of a desire for wanting my writing to be pure and pertinent. I write best when I write what’s currently captivating me. All my senses being filled, makes the words flow easy.

A few weekends ago, I had the grace gift of getting to sit at the pedestals of some very experienced and accomplished faith leaders.

One of which, is mentioned above.

I was a newborn baby in the midst of them.

I let my two ears do more than my one mouth that weekend. Because when we are around the wise and knowing, we should take in more than we spill.

It’s the only way for a filling.

My eyes and ears peeled and received. And I’ve been contemplating it all ever since.

Much of what was discussed that weekend, is what’s gripping me now.






The Holy Spirit.

As we drove Dr. Kendall back to his hotel room on the final night of his stay, he commented that I was being very quiet there in the backseat.

“Kate, are you still with us?”, he asked.

“Yes!”, I replied. “Just pondering all the whole weekend up in my heart right now. I’ve felt like a child at the feet of giants the last few days.”

“Ah! And all the angels laugh!” was his humble reply.

Reach up and grab what the titans are willing to give you. By doing this, even for a short weekend, I’ve gained gold.

The nearest window is lifted now. The sun is rising higher, so those cool temps have toasted a bit.

And our space here has too! 

Back soon, my dears. Monday in fact. Writing on the M’s and R’s again sounds so good.

Hugs all around.


*Find Your Hearts Desire: Ambition, Motivation, and True Success by R.T. Kendall

(Should be required reading for anyone serious about walking out their faith in the world.)

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  2 comments for “Gripped

  1. Jan Thompson
    December 1, 2016 at 12:09 pm

    So happy to hear “the bells” again !! Love and hugs from the heart ❤

  2. December 1, 2016 at 12:14 pm

    I just LOVE knowing you faithfully read my blog, MawMaw. It blesses me more than you know! Thank you for your encouragement! Love you! – Kate 🙂

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