The Final Chapter

The 4th Monday in July means that we are in the 4th and final chapter of Colossians.

I’m sad to see it close, but pleased to ponder what may rise up in our spirits next.

Paul’s final remarks in his letter to the church in Colossae aren’t something to be skirted.

There are several highlights, so I’m going to hit them hot and fast to ensure that we can all hang in, and then happily head into our Mondays in a swift fashion here.¬†Because there are few things I loathe more in Blog Land than extremely lengthy posts. They lose me.

If you’re feeling the itch to read chapter 4 for yourself, you can scratch that by clicking here. I encourage it.

Verse 2 starts us out right with this…

Devote yourelves to prayer, keeping alert in it with thanksgiving.

The ESV puts it this way…

Continue steadfastly in prayer, being watchful in it with thanksgiving.

These words…






They remind us that we are not to simply spout and spill and shout and speak in our unceasing conversations with God. We are to do that, yes. But then we are to also lift up our heads and keep our eyes open. We are to get up off our knees and stand on tipped toes and cup our hands over our brows and behind our ears – looking and listening for the answers, the response, the provision, and even the persecution that can come when we are wholehearted about living righteously.

Verse 6 richly admonishes us to let our words be gracious and seasoned with salt.

When my husband stands and opens scripture and shares life and speaks truth on Sunday mornings each week, I’m actively praying that the words he concocts would be palpable, digestible, and nourishing. I pray that people would find the morsels he shares very tasty. This way, they get a good appetite for the Word, for the things of God, for the heart of God. And then they will crave the feast that happens on their own throughout the week.

Lord I ask it for all of us! That the words we spill would be fine, flavorful, divine. 

Verses 7-17 mention specific people that were surrounding Paul…helping him, encouraging him, standing shoulder to shoulder in the mission to share the Savior with the world. He also mentions specific people in Colossae whom he wanted to greet personally. Don’t dismiss this.

My husband and I watched an online sermon last night together by Louie Giglio from Passion City Church in Atlanta. Funny enough, without me knowing beforehand, the sermon was on Colossians 4. (God is so good to lay truths around us that we need in due time and season. Thank you, God.)

And Louie, in regards to the fine folks mentioned by name in Paul’s letter, said that…

“The church isn’t built on the gifts and talents of a few, but on the sacrifices of many.”

Some people of faith get more face time. Like worship leaders, preachers, teachers, directors. But the hidden others are doing the same amount of work than the ones being seen. And it’s on them all that the spreading of the gospel depends.

Let’s know it and recognize it.

Lastly, in his final lines in this letter, Paul says….

Remember my chains.

Ahhh. I almost groan here. Let us REMEMBER, friends. Let us remember the cost paid by the early believers, by the foragers, the fighters, the current faith kin who are locked up in real chains this day even, all because they love and follow and proclaim Christ. Remember them in your mind and in your petitions always.

We’ve completed our journey through Colossians. I hope we are more rounded and girded and useful now because of it.

Let’s pray that it’s so.

Father, I ask that you implant these words into our lives and allow them to flourish.

Let our faith find feet, our knowledge find application, our passions find fire. 

In Jesus. Amen.



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