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Sunshine is spilling in from the glass on our balcony door and splashing warmth all over our white frayed comforter.

It’s making Saturday feel special.

This is extra sweet because weekends started to feel a little bit different, still good just changed, after my husband signed on for full-time ministry three years ago.

While he does still have a Sabbath day, the responsibility on Sunday kind of looms over it. Everyone has this feeling. Monday looms over Sunday for most people. Our looming days are just switched up now. I’m learning how to embrace and enjoy the current moment, without looking too far ahead and allowing the loom to tinge things. That’s hard for me.

The kids have gone off to school for their learning this year, and so they mostly miss their father’s full day of rest, and we’re still trying to work this out somehow. It’s one of the things that keeps my heart heavy for homeschooling. Just one of the things. There are more. But gosh, they have grown and thrived in their classrooms this year and for that I am grateful.

My preacher husband was out of the country this past week, so having him wake up next to me today, along with the sunshine pouring in all over the place, is making me happy and thankful.

My mom, who flew in from Texas to tend to us while Daddy was gone, will wing her way back to the Lonestar state today too. So there’s a mix of emotions but still, I’m feeling pleased.

There are clean clothes piled all over my sitting chair in the corner of our bedroom, washed lovingly by my Mom.

A laundry basket of unmatched socks is sitting on the ottoman.

My Target robe is slouched over the top of our bedpost.

Books line my bedside table.

Dust, oh the Tennessee valley dust, needs to be removed from the corners of this room, but for now it sits.

A fan hums over by the far wall, because I don’t know how anyone can sleep without the sound of air being sliced into wind.

A half-emptied suitcase is laying on the floor, right next to a Gap bag with new shorts in it.

I can hear the murmurings of three children downstairs busting open their Saturday.

I need to make my way down there to join them.

But I just wanted to hop on here, for about half an hour, and share whatever came up. It keeps me going.

So listen, I hope your Saturday is filled with a few little happy surprises that bring you joy, peace, and thankful feelings. Try to rest. Read something good. Go underline something in the Gospels. Write a note to somebody. Clean out a drawer or two. Visit with a neighbor over the fence. Go for a walk. Let the dishes sit in the sink a while. Plant something beautiful. Hike a mountain or bike a trail. Just sit. Do something that fills you. 

You’re loved and valued and I’m grateful you popped in today for just a little snapshot. Back soon. Hugs to everyone.

An Early Easter

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