About Kate…

My name is Kate.  And this is my blog – where I spill out a bit of what the Spirit is pouring in. My hope – is that this will be a place that stirs up faith, stimulates growth, and encourages action.
Why ‘A Ringing Bell‘? Bells are a signal, a reminder, a symbol. They beckon. They call. They warn. They invite. And they break the silence. My desire is that all of us gathering here will be little dongs, dings, and rings for justice, for joy, for change, for love, for life.

I have three sweet blond headed children. I’m married to an ex-engineer who’s now in the pastoring profession. I have a thing for the UK, England in particular. I homeschool those three children at my kitchen table each day. I cook most nights, and sometimes it tastes good. If I don’t do some form of exercise a few days a week, I feel like I’ve lost myself. I need nature and notice it often. I like to travel and journal about the journey. I read books, and it fills me like nothing else can. I enjoy a good piece of art, Monet being a favorite. I write, and pray that it’s used to great benefit. I have dreams that some may deem ridiculous. I don’t like eggs, coffee, hot dogs, or talking on the phone. Germs are my nemesis. I believe that the power of story is unrivaled. I long to be by the sea, but I don’t like seafood. I can moonwalk. I enjoy piano music. It’s often playing in my living room. But then again, any kind of music moves me. Creativity is something I’m really concerned about. It should be more evident in all that we do. So should excellence. And love. Definitely love.

I’m grateful for your company here at A Ringing Bell. Arm and arm, we can accomplish so much.


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