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A Day Conference

I’m sitting here before sunup on a Saturday.

It’s dark and my mind is muddled by sleep and I’m peering into the day and seeing a pouring.

Mama here doesn’t fly the coop much. My current season and station has me playing out my role here within the walls of my rented home. But from dawn to dusk today I do.

Today I’ll be lit and roaring because I get to go to a conference for young(ish) communicators.

With writing being my thing and teaching being a love, Lit just fit.

Last night as I thought about what today may hold, and as I considered the sad fact that I haven’t been able to spill any words here in a while, I saw it only fitting to rise early and punch something out before I head into a conference about doing so.

I’m on my bathroom floor in front of a stand heater, writing as my straightener warms. I feel happy I have a reason to do something with my myself today.

An acquaintance of mine wrote and said that he had recently felt the Lord say “stir up the gifts”. He talked about how he had achieved all of the goals he set out to grasp in writing, so why keep going? But over time he came to understand that talents and gifting are not simply to be judged by achievements, but that they endure. Just because he had reached his personal goals in his art, doesn’t mean that God was done using him. So he has picked up the pen again.

And I pick it up afresh today too, feeling like I’m just starting out on the journey.

As of late, I sense that like the tulips on my table, I may get to open up into a blossom a bit more this year. My latest season had me tucked away a bit, and it squeezed and taught and admonished and filled me. But like my friend up there, I sense a new kind of stirring.

May the arousal find it’s way to my pen! Yes, Lord!

I better dress and make my way to a downtown that is waiting to give me something.

God, help us. Being a communicator that lives in the world but wants to save it is a wild and vivacious venture. There are temptations and criticisms and arrows and allurements that must be dodged and handled. There is anointing and favor and platforms for people to find and grasp and humbly behold. Lord please help us to navigate accurately, and stay on our knees constantly, and help us to always have an ear to heaven. In Jesus’ name.

Whatever your Saturday holds, I hope it sits well with you.


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