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I woke up this morning….

and felt like He was calling me to come and wrestle things out here.

With kids still quiet under blankets – I show up to share even before the sun has shown it’s face. He must have something to say!

Lord, meet us in between all these black printed letters….


What would happen….if we actually believed that the tomb ended up being empty?

What would happen if, truly, we believed that He went from no pulse…. to pulsing? No breathing… taking in air? A dark tomb….to sun-filled cave-space?

Death and darkness would be difficult to celebrate, I think.

Perhaps our concentrations would never find themselves giving an accentuated spot-light to the things that Christ came to defeat.


I’m not really concerned with whether or not you fill bags with candy at each door in the neighborhood. I don’t care to keep anyone from carved gourds or school parties.

Be free and eat the iced pumpkin-shaped cookies!

But as you do so….let your every word be dripping with grace and love. Smile at people and be filled with joy this last sunrise and sunset of October!

On a day set aside to celebrate death…..celebrate life! Highlight it this Halloween!

Because you know! And you remember!….
That the story didn’t end with a dead Jesus. That it ended in a rising, living Lord! That it ended in a light-filled, straight up empty tomb!

And for those that know Christ as Savior…you understand the crazy beautiful part……that the same power that raised Him from the stink of decay in that death-stenched grave…..lives bright and burning right inside of us who believe it!

The empty cave means a full you!

Especially, especially, especially today….Let’s live like that’s true.


At this moment… The blue eyed boy baby is playing with a smooth blue bouncy ball. And the girl is pushing around a pink squeaking stroller, playing the part of parent. And the oldest is where he often is….sitting at the end of the table sketching steamies. Their Mama is a smidge anxious this AM, which is an oft occurrence… Read more →

Wave and Sea

There’s something about the water’s edge….that makes words flow easy. There’s something about that place…where sea meets sand, where the breeze blows fresh….that kindles all kinds of creativity. Maybe it’s the way the sun shimmers off the coast… Maybe it’s the tickle and smooth of sand shifting underfoot.  Maybe it’s awe over the way of flight for the beach birds….and… Read more →


Standing at the sink – clearing out carrot and zucchini shreds from steel bowls – I looked up from rinsing water and saw three blondes…..occupied. The oldest – sitting hunched over a piece of white paper with pencil in hand – was sketching his Mama some far away farm scene his imagination conjured up. And the girl blonde – she… Read more →

October Monday

The edge has been knocked off the hot and the humid here in these steamy parts of Texas. While the temps can still rocket and rise to the 90’s during the day….the sting of it has slipped away. Sweet Autumn…..a gift from God.And so, in the early morning hours when our world is still dark and cool down here in… Read more →

The Day

It’s unexpected bliss that seems to taste the sweetest. Ya know….those gem moments. Those unplanned, totally unscheduled happy occurrences that ring in all kinds of delight – out of no where, really.  Empty of expectation – those days that are projected to be pretty ordinary….turning out to be seriously incredible – it’s those days that really hit the spot. And… Read more →


Submerged in hot liquid watching the fire of an almost empty candle dance on the ledge of the tub, I asked myself: “Why don’t I rest more?” Ah, today. My mother-in-law winged her way to Texas last night. I had to keep myself from kissing her face when I saw her. Because rest….it sounds good. And my mom-in-law – she’s… Read more →


I couldn’t have gotten much further in this week of writing – without posting yesterday’s piece. It seems to me…that He is moving and doing and working in the area of faith right now – for many individuals in my contact. And I’m learning….that the best way to live for the Lord….is to ask Him what He is already doing… Read more →


I cracked open the Scripts that morning anyway. Right there in the thick of unbelief and all out wander – I still wanted Him. And that’s a victory. If the longing to see God and hear God are still present in the doubt….you’re still on course. So as I attempted to find a certain passage that would speak to my… Read more →

The Unexpected

When he came home – my hair was in the same messy bun it was in when he left. This wasn’t one of those cute messy buns with tendrils of curls framing my face…. This was a sloppy nest of hair wound into a matted ball sitting on top of my brain – all day. Nonetheless, he came through the… Read more →