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It's when we cease to long - that the battle gets down right scary.....down right serious.It's when Psalm 42:1 is missing - that we find ourselves walking in the thick…

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Oh, friends.Your faithfulness to me this week - it has been a balm of sorts.The text messages, the emails, the comments..... your willingness to pray - it has all carried me…

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Right Now

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Those dry bones from Ezekiel - that's what comes to mind.Oh friends, weaving words calls for transparency. I cannot hop on the blog and pretend here. I cannot plaster on…

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Home Days

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His pockets were bulging with Texas acorns from the parking lot.......as he stood high and happy......up on a platform......watching plastic balls work themselves through a maze.School took place at The…

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It all started with the daffodils.Those dancing flowers from Wordsworth's poem.The blondes and I....around 3pm in the afternoon....everyday....we lose ourselves in another world for a while.We pick up some rhyme…

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