What I Like

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The colors of spring in these parts make up for the dreariness of the winter months, and I'm grateful. I'm looking out on a happy mix of neighborhood trees. Pinks,…

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Being here makes me think of Robert McClowsky.   One Morning in Maine Make Way for Ducklings Blueberries for Sal Burt Dow Deep Water Man But the title that keeps…

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I'm a real sucker for start dates. There are few things in life I like more than new beginnings. So yes.... It's the endurance that I have issues with. The…

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I set gas to flame and formed a fire this morning in the chimney. It's dancing happy across the room right now. The bedroom hallway behind me is still dark…

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A Fresh Feeling

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We're sitting here on the early fringes of Fall. There's a scarecrow, a large potted mum, and an assortment of pumpkins lining our walk and front porch. It's still quite…

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That Son

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So it seems as though I'm full blown sick. It's knocked me flat on my backside, made me grateful for healthy seasons, and given me a fine excuse to drink…

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The Link

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I keep hearing them in my head. The voices of my three.... what they would say if they got to see what I've seen the the last several days. Isn't…

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