I Remember

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Daddy always put dill on his avocados.  Dill and vinegar. And he'd mix them around in a ceramic bowl and stick them with a silver fork and then offer me some.…

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A Day

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I'm surrounded by bookshelves, and my phone's streaming Mumford and Sons, and the sun is shining, and I've been lost in my own head and heart for the last few…

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Seeing his shoes makes me breathe easy. All worn and untied and soft from all day wear, sitting there, at the end of our long hall.... They tell me that…

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The Truck Story

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I have one in the basement, situated on the corner of the hand-me-down couch, watching Paw Patrol, feeling pukey. I have another one, fur covered, full of energy, running around…

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Who I Am

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I'm starting to see some color tinge the tips of these mountain trees. We're sitting here on the fringes of fall, in a place that actually feels and sees the…

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When I stepped out of bed at dawn that day my body told me I had lost something. My feet hit the floor. My faith rocked. I cried out. And…

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Colossians 3

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I have mere minutes to sit and ponder and pour here today. I wish I could really nestle in, make room, and lie around in this chapter a while with…

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