The Mind

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I've been reading through Romans.Limping through it, really....if I'm being honest.It's a brilliant book. (Which is perhaps why I am stumbling through it.)With all its mentioning of salvation, faith, righteousness.I'm…

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Some days all we have is a moment....a second, reach out for Him.Certain hours....are so brim full that we scarcely have an instant to pause.Much less,'s in the…

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Sometimes you have to let things sit before they sink have to let ideas simmer - before they come to full flavor.And more times than not - it's the…

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Digging In

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The load of laundry in the dryer is on its fourth 'fluff'.The school papers from last year are fluttering about the school room as I turn on the ceiling fan.…

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He was just sitting there on the foot tucked under his little eighteen month old diapered bottom, the other foot dangling....eating a bowl of freshly diced strawberries.And I sat…

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