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Satan wants you to straddle the fence.Sitting there...perched on the in-between...indecisive...incapable of fully committing.Because he knows that if he keeps you in the middle - your life will journey toward nothing -…

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Christmas 2013

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Today. It should be a sacred celebration.Hovering all around the Christmas tree and through the baked goods - Simmering around every hot stove and in each gift given - With…

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"He's one-third of the way...." "What do you mean....one-third of the way?""He's six years old....one-third of his time under our total care is completed. Only two-thirds to go."My husband casually…

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Mama to Mama

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Motherhood. It's so invasive, isn't it?It's a blessing, a gift, an honor, a miracle - but yes....down right invasive. It's that way from the start - from the two pink lines.…

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Louder isn't always better.I wish I would have learned this 15 years ago. Instead I learned it about 15 minutes before sitting down to write this.Understanding it earlier would have saved me…

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I feel like I've just invited a party of people over to my house while it's still a mess.Welcome, friends. If you've come over from my old blog - thank…

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I'm sitting here listening to the whir of a ceiling fan thinking back on Sunday, and wondering what tidbits would be good to share here.I think I'll start with cinnamon…

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This Sunday

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I'm rummaging through boxes and suitcases tonight - looking for clothes that my kids can wear to church tomorrow.And it feels weird.Settling into our rent house - over a thousand miles…

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