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During our most recent trip to The Lone Star State we gathered up a lot of my old things, packed them in a Uhaul, drove it 1200 miles, and dumped…

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A friend of mine just called. She was eager to share some wonderful news that she got at a doctors appointment this morning. And I was eager to hear it.…

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So this morning as I was sitting at our kitchen table - I began thinking about all of the things I would like to change in 2009. I'm good at…

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I know I have been posting a lot of quotes and lyrics lately - but the wise words of others have been speaking to my heart recently. Sometimes other people…

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Inspiring Lyrics

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The lyrics to Brandon Heath's Give Me Your Eyes change my life.Give me your eyes for just one secondGive me your eyes so I can seeEverything that I keep missingGive…

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Sweet and Sour Scents

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Isn't it amazing how certain aromas can bring to mind certain people, events, and seasons in your past?It's incredible, really.For example....My MeeMaw's purse has always smelled like Wrigley's Spearmint gum.…

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