Lift Us Up

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I don't know about you - but I'm just in need of some encouragement.Let's allow the wise words of others and the powerful word of God to lift us all…

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Inspired by You

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I have been so blessed by the blog world lately :)Over the past several months I have come into contact with some wonderful ladies in bloggy land - Funny women.…

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My Texas Tears

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I'm writing with tear-streaked cheeks today, y'all.And I feel like a baby about it.My Mama and Daddy came for a visit this past week - and they just pulled out…

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Advice Anyone?

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I hope this finds you enjoying a good start to your week.Instead of sharing a fun story or letting you in on some cool spiritual lesson I've recently I…

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My Man

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I married a country boy.He likes wide-open spaces, John Deere tractors, loud pick-up trucks, hunting, working with his hands, waving at people as they drive by, and breathing in fresh…

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