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It's later in the evening than I'd like for it to be. Putting words together this far into the night and this close to the next day isn't ideal. Words…

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I Remember

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Daddy always put dill on his avocados.  Dill and vinegar. And he'd mix them around in a ceramic bowl and stick them with a silver fork and then offer me some.…

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Something New

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There are flowers bigger than my face clinging to a hill just outside our home. They're maroon and pink and yellow and fabulous. They sit pretty between the fence and…

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It's Monday, and I'm a mom who just moved, and I've had mountains to settle, and I feel compelled today to live the unhurried life. I've written on this before,…

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Filled vs Fraught

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This time of year is always filled, or fraught, with all things friends and family. It can be filled.... with gatherings, and fajitas, and gourmet cheese balls, and aunt Ruth's…

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