I Remember

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Daddy always put dill on his avocados.  Dill and vinegar. And he'd mix them around in a ceramic bowl and stick them with a silver fork and then offer me some.…

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Lives Lit Up

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Carrying candles back to my bath, two votives resting on a pale yellow plate, freshly lit and newly burning, I cupped my hand just before them so that the wind…

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The Link

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I keep hearing them in my head. The voices of my three.... what they would say if they got to see what I've seen the the last several days. Isn't…

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Our steal away did end up getting stolen. Our long sweet weekend that we had been beholding with zeal, was cut short by the cold that ravaged my youngest. My…

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There's yellow beeswax burning to my left. It's a small votive, in a rounded glass pot, with a single flame blazing. I'm told that beeswax, all yellow and non suety,…

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