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When I stepped out of bed at dawn that day my body told me I had lost something. My feet hit the floor. My faith rocked. I cried out. And…

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Colossians 3

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I have mere minutes to sit and ponder and pour here today. I wish I could really nestle in, make room, and lie around in this chapter a while with…

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Colossians 2

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I smelled Christmas yesterday on the Creeper Trail in Virginia. It was an anniversary affair for all five of us as we dawned bikes and set out easy and free…

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There are few chores I loathe more than cleaning out muffin tins. Especially the minis. Even the non-stick. It's right up there with cleaning the crock pot. Both of these…

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Colossians 1

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There's this fog that sits and lifts in the mornings here. It dances around valleys in the earliest parts of the day, sending everything into this glorious sheen. It hovers…

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