Snow Days

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I'm looking out on a stark white yard, a hunched magnolia, and flakes falling in a sweet kind of rhythm. I like the silence of the snow. It builds up…

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Sometimes He wakes me to woo me. Into scripture. Into writing. Into time talking with Him "while the dew is still on the roses". But other days He simply woos…

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I feel like mothers live in this thick divide between pure, unadulterated bliss on one side, and absolute helplessness on the other. Motherhood is a mix like that. One minute…

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Twelve years ago today I labored long and wondered what I'd done to myself. Walking into the hospital with freckles and pig tails and an over due boy baby I…

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When the big goes down it's the little that lifts you up again. I've never known this to be truer than now in this season. Last week. It was full…

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Sunshine is spilling in from the glass on our balcony door and splashing warmth all over our white frayed comforter. It's making Saturday feel special. This is extra sweet because…

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An Early Easter

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My feet were the first to hit the floor this morning. Rare, for a Sunday. When your husband is your preacher, he's usually the one who rises earliest on the…

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