Mine or Not

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So much of what comes before us isn't for us. Maturity is knowing what's ours and what isn't. It's hearing, seeing, sensing... and then knowing what to receive and what…

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My friend Mia has two mountains in her home. They're both tall and cushy and snow-colored. One's in her closet and the other is in a corner and they're both…

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He got my number off of a list in the library. The school used our home phone digits as our ID's back then, and someone had left the list out.…

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I feel like mothers live in this thick divide between pure, unadulterated bliss on one side, and absolute helplessness on the other. Motherhood is a mix like that. One minute…

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Seeing his shoes makes me breathe easy. All worn and untied and soft from all day wear, sitting there, at the end of our long hall.... They tell me that…

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I've had to keep the Clorox close here lately. I'm currently sitting out back, across the yard from a boy, who is feeling quite ill. If I may be so…

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Deep Change

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What if I really let myself wander into the words that are farthest in? What if here tonight in the quiet dark, I swept passed the surface and cut loose…

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