Learn from Her

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There's a mama behind every man.Just like there's a womb behind every woman. It's true for all of us.But...... the contrast is vast. The childhood experience can look so different…

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Being here in the home has been a heart changer.Working (and I do mean working) within these walls....with these littles hot on my heels all the live long day -…

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I sat on the sidewalk yesterday......... and watched my oldest blonde sketch beauty next to a bayou.He captured cotton ball clouds floating overhead, and cattails standing sturdy in murky water.…

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Noon Day Sun

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He's reading a chapter a day.He's filling his being, his moments, his life....with rich, time-tested, insightful quips.Proverbs.That wise old compilation sandwiched between Psalms and Ecclesiastes. Placed right there in the…

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