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A Tuesday by the Sea

I have wind in my face and salted air in my nostrils.

There’s pebble rocks underfoot and high reaching cliff mounds surround.
The water…
It’s a blue-green till that matches the shade of my husband’s eyes perfectly.
The sky is smeared and spotted with puffs of white.
I need the sun to poke through.
Warmth would be wonderful.

I’ve been drawn by maritime images as of late.

The past year maybe, has found me seeking out paintings of boats and anchors and shores.

Having it here and in person – is sweet.

Looking at this mass body of liquid – it makes me wonder why we spend so much of our lives on dirt.

Why? If we’ve been placed on a planet that’s over 70% sea – why not live on it some? Why not take to adventurous waves more often?

I see more beach visits approaching.

God, is this a desire that comes from You?

I need the sun to poke through.

There’s a lady and gent with a pup making their way along the shoreline – eyes earthward looking for goods washed up by the sea.
The waters are vast.
So, so wide and so very far reaching.
Like His love.
The hubs handed me a notebook and pen, directed me to a rock big enough for my bum to rest on…and suggested I write a little.
As I sit here on the coast – I feel I’m on the cusp.
And my mind wonders to the wordsmiths who have been inspired to jot and scribble and form characters on pages through the ages.
These waters here – have inspired many a poet to pick up the pen.

God, is this why I’m on the edge of England?

I need the sun to poke through.

So I set this ballpoint to modern papyrus – and I let creased feelings unfold there.

Monday Thoughts

I’m lounging here at the tail end of a good long day. Our suitcases are all propped up before me, waiting to be zipped up again for another drive tomorrow. The husband is tending to business back home. I’m surrounded by wallpapered floral walls and matchy-matchy thick curtains. It’s a floral print that sends you back to another century. It’s… Read more →

Our Sunday

I woke up wanting to worship. Opening my eyes this morning – I longed to congregate with like-minded believers who would stand in awe and adoration and longing with me today. And, thankfully, this was on the agenda. Kingsgate Church in Peterborough welcomed us sweetly. Their church is diverse. Sixty different nations are represented, and the age range is of… Read more →

Day One

England is old. When you get in your ‘hired car’ and make your way down the opposite side of the road, nervously spin the roundabouts, and speed past fields of green and yellow – you spot quite a few very, very old structures. Thatch roofed homes.Tall grey office buildings.Small aged pubs squeezed into downtown village areas. America’s buildings are young… Read more →

It’s Here

I’m up early, early today. As soon as I land in England tomorrow, what is usually morning for me will be afternoon, suddenly. So I sit here and write and pray and ponder and wonder in the budding hours of Friday – prepping for the fast forward. Forging through the cobwebs that sleepiness brings, I’m attempting to rehash all the… Read more →

Tuesday Snapshot

I’m sitting here on the early fringe of Tuesday… about to bust. The days are few between me and my England now. Only three more sleeps until I fly high over land and water to answer a along distance call. I’m thrilled to go – but at the same time gripped by leaving my littles for longer than a week.… Read more →


We’ll wing away on the prayers of many late next week. The pastor and I – we will board a jetliner, climb high over clouds, settle into a stratosphere, speed over a vast Atlantic pond during the mid-night hours, skid rubber on a runway… and…. step foot on fine British soil. All these years here….of the Lord pointing us to… Read more →


Yesterday was his first preach as a pastor. I had to pause there after punching the keys….. because the wildness of this startles and quiets me. In God’s good grace, he’s been opening scripture in front of congregations for a while now. But for him to do it – as a full-time and official shepherd…it’s hushing. Sitting there on the… Read more →

A Boy in the Morning

An eight year old just traipsed through this small living space here….with a 20 pound bag of potting soil. Carrying it from the garage to the backyard – he clearly has a plan and place for that bag of fancy earth. After he slides through the back storm door and lugs his bag of planting dirt to the far corner… Read more →

Easter 2015

All manner of wildflower has bloomed down here in the bayou. Stems pushing up through sod, petals unfurling in glory, rain and sun pouring out a feast… Our hemisphere has the pleasure of seeing and smelling and hearing new things, life things – exploding in splendor as we celebrate the Son risen and alive and saving! The tangible realness of… Read more →