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I just started a pot of lentil and sausage soup. It’s bubbling all wild and happy on the stove as I mix cornbread.

It’s dreary and grey and soggy outside, and it’s made me want to fill our bowls with something hot and soothing.

The children, one by one, have come into the kitchen asking what we’re having – because the spices in the meat are filling the house with Italy.

The middle kid is outdoors in the elements, getting her extroversion out, looking for playmates. Her younger brother is in the basement playing one of his favorite games, and the older one just keeps telling me that he is hungry.

Their Father is finishing up his sermon for the Sabbath day that comes as we wake in the morning.

Slivers of sun are beaming through the door in my writing nook now. Thank you, thank you God. It’s been too many hours of no sunlight for light loving me here. I’ve scooted my chair just so to catch the rays, for the clouds are about to block the light again.

Sometimes we have to scoot around a bit to receive the outpouring.

I just scooted from Texas to Tennessee to receive mine.

Even when it’s hard, harried, wonderful, adventurous, foreign, different – I know that there is always blessing in obedience. 

It doesn’t mean that things will be breezy – but it does mean that things will be blessed.

The table’s been cleared and the dishes are done, thanks to my two oldest. My Dad, after his most recent visit to our home, sent me an email telling me to delegate.

“Make sure they have specific tasks to do and hold them accountable,” he said.

People are smart to do what my Dad suggests, it’s how he shows love to people, so here I am…. delegating dishes and whatnot. It has changed my days for the better.

We all have ways that we love in life.

It doesn’t ever look the same from one person to the next, which means that people won’t love on you the way you might think they should.

Some people love by spending time with those they hold dear, but others love by being generous from afar. Some love by service and hospitality, but some love through their words and encouragements. Some love by leading others to better things, but some love by meeting people where they are. There’s a million different ways. Love takes on all kinds of faces. Don’t judge people for the way they are apt to love and serve you. Joyfully accept what they are willing and able to give. We’ll all be better for it.

My night owl is putting her baby dolls away. She has been playing daycare, “so that the mamas can have some time without all of the screaming”. I have no idea where she got the idea that mothers need time away from the loudness of parenting every once in a while. (grin)

Speaking of moms, this one needs to wash up, and surrender the day, and call it a night already.

I can’t make any promises, as I’ve been a bit all over the place lately, but right here in this moment, on this eve, in my old writing chair here – I’d really deem it wise of me to write more frequently in the coming days. For my own soul and sanity, honestly.

We’ll see what actually shakes out. Hopefully more rather than less. Consider yourself loved and hugged, friends.

Blessings to you as you head into the Lord’s day.