Thoughts on a Friday

I can truthfully attest to you that busyness is the thief of creativity.

For those of us who feel the tug to express His glories through some type of inspired art, the most detrimental thing we can do in our area of expression is fill up our minds and calendar boxes with busyness. It will kill our creative outflow and it will leave us gasping and lacking.

Go ahead and ask me how I know this.

I learned years ago from a combination of sermon messages and real life experiences that rest is what rouses artistry.

And please, don’t think for a second that I’m simply referring to overcommitment to events and activities. It is that, but it’s also a realization that when one’s mind is consumed with all kinds of ruckus and chaos – one’s imagination lies dormant.

It doesn’t have to be this way, however.

Those of us who feel called to create in one way or another are walking in outright disobedience if we don’t yield to the holy call of making room and seeking silence sometimes. We all have necessary seasons filled with clutter and fogginess, but we should pass through them to find our good spacious way again.

I’m girding myself up for a talk I’m giving at a tea tonight.

I’ve stolen away here in the few hours leading up to the event to provide that needed standstill I mentioned above. I’m trusting that the Spirit will be faithful to fill me up to pour me out. Yes Lord, You do it.

I’m overwhelmed at the moment of the importance of us women gathering together to seek Him. We women basically make the world go round, and if we are going to be ladies who rise up and fly high and bend low and do the hard things – we have to come together for some fellowship and sweet admonishment every once in a while.

So as I’ve mentioned that rest is a requisite for creativity, women coming together in purposed assembly is a catalyst for growth and impact making.

Let’s not neglect it. And let’s not downplay it. Let’s not fluff it up. Let’s embrace it and come expectant and leave inspired. Please, Lord yes.

I should probably peruse my notes and make my way through my message a few more times. I don’t ever really feel ready for things like this. But I’ve come to understand that if I simply come with a conviction and a willingness to start a conversation – God is always faithful to do the rest.

Holy Spirit come and move mightily amongst us tonight.


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  1 comment for “Thoughts on a Friday

  1. Jan Thompson
    April 22, 2017 at 6:27 am

    Sending a word of encouragement for you as you meet with the women of your new congregation. I pray for the presence of the Holy Spirit as you pour into their vessels and they drink of your wisdom. I love you and still pray for your family every day. MawMaw Jan ?

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