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I’ve met with all manner of people this week and I feel like it’s saved me.

I ate lunch with a friend this very day and I left full, and glad, and high on trusted friendship. She ordered a veggie pizza and gave me a piece, and now I want a whole one for myself. Thank you for the new thing to crave, friend.

After last week’s tearful Texas goodbye, I’ve needed to dive right back in head-long, so the one-on-ones, and the meetings, and the appointments have actually helped my heart heal and I feel quite happy, and purposed, and rightly placed.

I would wilt if I had constant exposure to people day in and day out, but spurts of it fill me.

There’s something about fellowship that boosts your faith and lifts your head. Followers of Christ, no matter their social leanings, are community seekers, community builders, community healers. We should live shoulder to shoulder and arm in arm, forming a type of love linked chord that makes the world a better place.

Two verses come to mind.

And let us not give up meeting together, the writer of Hebrews reminds us.

And John says that by this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.

So gather up, and settle in, and love on the lives that line your own. You’ll be encouraged, and the world will see a witness.

My home is a mess due to my full calendar this week, but I’m learning that community trumps cleanliness. Lord,  help us to remember it.

It’s Maundy Thursday. This is the evening Jesus ate the Passover meal with his disciples. He washed their feet and told them about the things that were about to take place.

Confusion and clarity, faith and doubt, joy and sorrow were all present at the Passover table that evening, all of it running thick, and high, and heavy.

In a way, those emotions and the mix of them, are what make up the human experience here and now.

Whether the feeling be grand or terrible, just know that Jesus has sat at that table.

It comforts me to know it.

I’m about to plate meals for my family. We’ll stuff turkey and roast beef sandwiches with iceberg lettuce and dill pickles, throw some chips in, and call it a feast.  I’ll have my husband read about why the Jewish people have a Passover Feast in Exodus, and I’ll have the oldest read the account of Jesus eating the Passover meal with His disciples in the gospels.

It won’t go as I see it in my head, but there is victory in the attempt.

Rest well this evening knowing our Savior has sat wherever you are, that we have a Creator who communed with the created, and that He’s felt what you’re feeling.

He knows it, He’s in it, and He’s with you still.


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