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I sat on the sidewalk yesterday……

… and watched my oldest blonde sketch beauty next to a bayou.

He captured cotton ball clouds floating overhead, and cattails standing sturdy in murky water. He sketched out the sun and the light – while sitting there on that grassy knoll near by.

And this …..it’s a regular occurrence for us – the oldest boy stopping to copy some scene into a white paged notebook.

Just last month on a spontaneous trip to an urban garden center – he sprawled all out on a wooden bench situated next to a flowering, towering tree. And he proceeded to sketch that thing perfectly onto paper.

And so it goes with helicopters, and trucks, and trains, and skyscrapers, and country sides and home designs.

Yes…as it turns out…the oldest is into art.

That practice of putting pencil or paint or prints to paper and curving lines and connecting sections and making something glorious from it. He loves this.

And as his Mama, his teacher – I do so love it, too.

To have the ability, the gift, the draw…..to drawit’s straight from the hand of Heaven.

This talent that rings in wild wonder…that captures creation….it glorifies the One who gave it.

Why don’t we stop to ponder these pieces more often? The art work of our children….of local artist… of famous ones.

I’m sitting here mid-day – thumbing through the boy’s art folder….and finding joy in every piece. Finding Him in every stroke. Remembering in my mind’s eye the event, the photograph, the lesson – that spurred him on to sketch each scene.

It’s such a fine way of remembering….of keeping…..of beholding.

Writing here now – tapping these keys…..the seven year old has asked for another blank page – and I hear him cutting sheets of white and sharpening colored pencils at his school desk.

It looks as if another masterpiece awaits me!

Enjoy the works you come across, friends. Whether the art is from Monet or your wee one….  art can often times ring in all kinds of evidence and glory.

Don’t miss it.

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