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Seeing his shoes makes me breathe easy.

All worn and untied and soft from all day wear, sitting there, at the end of our long hall….

They tell me that love is home.

Walls, worries, tense shoulders, they always fall when he returns again.

After another few days away, this time for a speaking engagement on our old, sweet stomping grounds, Mama was ready for the man of her life to loosen those shoe ties in our entrance-way, and check all the deadbolts at nightfall, and get the kids their water for bedtime, and be my heater in our queen bed again.

I miss him terribly when he is away. I feel exposed and alone when he isn’t around, so yesterday’s hello was warm, welcomed.

Those shoes there, they’ve walked through a hard season. And I’ve never been prouder of the guy that laces them.

His core. His character. His wide-open heart, what he’s really made up of has been visible and shining lately. And as I look at his upright stature in ethics, morals, life – I’ve never stood more gratefully beside him in all my life.

He’s not perfect. His wife certainly isn’t. But gosh I picked well.

This seems like all gush and cheesiness. Our union hasn’t always been filled with such appreciation and camaraderie, but now that it is I must stop to capture and catapult it our there for hope’s sake.

We’re passionate people in every sense, so we have our feisty moments, but it’s so fine. We’re of the same chord and cloth now and I celebrate it.

I celebrate those shoes in the hallway being unlaced here at home.

I never want to take it for granted! God help me with gratefulness!

I know many of the eyes scanning this post have eyes that have a lot to miss. I know there are things, people, relationships that are longed for but are no more. Lord, help and heal.

But today, this weekend, let’s look around our homes for the things that ARE there, for the things that maybe haven’t always been, and let’s shout out our recognition and thankfulness.

And hey, just for a few days, let the out-of-place items around your house stay there. Your people can chore them away another day, but for now let them stay and let them be a reminder that your home has a heartbeat, a pulse, steaming life. Oh God, just for a moment at least, let the left out items scream “BLESSED.”

Happy weekend to you, friends.


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  1. Jan Thompson

    The depth of your words ring so true. Thank you, love to our TN Grands and GreatGrands❤

  2. Jennifer Huffman

    Beautiful words!

  3. Patty

    Katie, I’m sitting here with tears streaming down my face. Your words are so sweet, and as your mother-in-law it thrills me to see your love expressed in this way! I couldn’t be more grateful and proud of you! I am truly blessed that you are so supportive of your man who is my son! Thank you for loving him the way you do! I pray that God continues to bless your union! I love you!

  4. Karen Anthony

    Moa returns tomorrow,Lord willing, from another stint of cleaning up hurricane damage. I’m cleaning today because I’m his after he arrives tomorrow. Hopefully the steamed cleaned living room carpet will dry this evening and we can truly rest on the sabbath after his return (and I finish throwing a baby shower). The afternoon, resting, is longed for right now…my helpmate… was helping others, and I’m good with that, but I might be a little selfish this next week…with my time and his, and the boys time. It’s time for us to “rest” and recover. Thank you for your willingness to listen to HIS guidance and speak what tired ( and a little puny) mommas, and wives need to here on the Eve of my sweet loves return.

  5. Sherri

    This resonates with me and I so appreciate you sharing with us. My husband worked shift work for 10 years and was gone at night too often. Having him here with us as night falls gives me security and peace. It feels as everything g is whole and I do feel blessed and thankful.

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