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My feet were the first to hit the floor this morning.

Rare, for a Sunday.

When your husband is your preacher, he’s usually the one who rises earliest on the first day of the week for prep, inspiration, work.

But today, I wanted to be the first one up and moving, up and looking for Him.

One of my favorite things about the Easter story is that it was the women who found the tomb empty. It was the women who were awake and wanting to be with their Christ and serve their Lord. It was the women who popped their eyes open and planted their feet in the dark. It was the women who went. And so then it ended up being the women who witnessed.

It’s something that makes the Easter story much more believable for me. Back in those days, the word of the woman wasn’t trusted like that of the man. And God chose ladies to bear Him witness anyway. I love this.

What’s more, is that Jesus revealed Himself, His very own self, for the first time to Mary Magdalene, the lady He had freed from demons. A woman. And she became the first to testify. And we get to clearly see the value God places on women in the faith. Thank you, thank you Lord.

The fact that all this more than likely took place in a garden? Ah. If you look back at Genesis, the reason Christ had to come in the first place was because Eve, a woman, chose sin in the garden of Eden. And now we have Jesus, alive and victorious over sin and death, revealing Himself to a woman in what was probably a garden.

That’s redemption. 

Do You see His heart in it all?

It makes me want to stop punching keys and get down on the ground and praise and thank Him profusely. God help us to never miss it, to never lose it, to never forget the way you so intricately and intimately came for each of us. 

And goodness, shouldn’t we be people who praise?

I feel like so many of us, me being queen, walk around and do life like Jesus is still dead in the tomb. Joyless, and discontent, and complaining.

But for those of us who have His Spirit on the inside, perhaps we should start living like He’s outside the tomb now!

We see Him and we celebrate. Women, men, children, creation in all it’s fullness and entirety.

Happy, happy Easter friends. Journeying with you this past Holy Week has kept Christ continually before me, and burning inside me, and I feel grateful and full.

God bless you as you seek and find Him today.


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  1. Janice

    I, too, was up before sunrise. My thoughts were similar, though I haven’t the ability to articulate them like you. Yes, and AMEN! Thank you…

  2. Jan Thompson

    Your Easter morning words are received and welcomed. Inspiring us to rise early, dress appropriately, and head out to our Bible Church to celebrate Our Risen Savior.
    Thank you and much love to the Hardens❤

  3. Patty

    Katie, I loved being on this Holy Week journey with you! Thank you so much for your beautiful way with words that allows me to feel that I’m walking along side of you, sharing the moment with you, and gaining new insight! Love you!

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