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As I walked passed the window a few days ago…

With our lessons completed, and dinner started, and laundry spinning…

I caught a merry glimpse of my girl-child right in the middle of twirling on the trampoline.

Her face was pure bliss – with her brothers bouncing high and happy beside her.

That blonde ponytail swishing, and that toothless grin all showing…

I was struck by the joy.

She was free.

And I thought to myself….

“Uh, I wish that was still me.”

I hoisted the clothes basket back up onto my hip, walked it to my bedroom, and sunk into the sorting out of wardrobes.

To have that kind of sincere cheer again…

To have that continual opportunity to seize and squeeze everything good and gleeful right out of the moment…

To still have storehouses of laughter tucked away in your gut somewhere, giddy and ready for use…. 

What would that be like?

The next day…

I watched a sweet video put together by a friend, who was interviewing a now passed 96 year old woman – talking about her life, her beliefs, her outlooks.

I leaned in, listened.

She spoke of optimism.






A full house.

A full heart.



And it was like all my sense dawned again.

Why in the world couldn’t I have sincere cheer?
Seize and squeeze opportunities?
Laughter tucked away?

Why? No reason!

None. I tried. I couldn’t come up with any good reason at all.

I could have those things.

There are moments, circumstances, issues, ailments, that may make it seemingly impossible to choose joy. (Some of us need professional help with this, and yes! I urge it. If that is you, consider this your cue! Reach out for the aid you need, friend. You’re wise and brave for doing so.)

But most of the time, with many of us reading here, we are actually able to choose an attitude of joyful fervor and exaltation.

It’s being mature enough…

Gladsome in God enough…

Selfless enough…

Awake enough…

To live a life that rejoices.

And do we realize?

Do we realize what an immense impact this could have on our health?

Our homes?

On the hearts of those we do life with?

It changes, and lifts up, and revitalizes everything.

Especially people.

When a Mama has felicitous joy….

it jolts everyone around her back to life again.

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