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I’m sitting here at my dining table with windows raised all around me.

I’m allowing the cool to loft in while it’s lasting. It’s been warmer than normal, so when that fireball rises to it’s peak – it might get down right steamy. Is it really December?

It must be, because….

A Christmas tree all rickety and half lit from wear is situated to my left…

A washer whooshing all our clothes clean is being heard from the hallway…



As I’ve just sat down to write for a moment, all three of the children have come in from outside to beg me for a bike ride down to the park.

Such is the life of a writer-mama 🙂

I’m off to tie shoes, fasten helmets, and sail down sidewalks for a while.

More word weaving when I return…..



So it’s night now….

the next day.

After we peddled our way to the nearest park, swung high and silly on chained swings, ran circles around the mulched ground, listened to cardinals singing and speaking in nearby trees – all manner of things consumed my attention until just this very moment.

It’s almost tomorrow.

The living room is all set for Christmas bliss.

As it better be. Our babies will wake up and charge the gate early and eager.

The tinge of rush one feels the night before Christ’s birthday – it’s something you never get over.

As I sit propped up in bed, legs crossed, husband wrapping up work at the table….

Mary is on my mind tonight.

What was she feeling? Thinking? Fearing? Expecting?

The night before Light dawned in a dark world, the night before contractions would bring forth salvation, the night before this young teen woman delivered the Deliverer – what might she have been experiencing in mind and heart this eve?

It’s consuming me.

Tomorrow, my guy and I will rise in the wee hours, light candles, warm cinnamon rolls, and wait for the pitter patter of feet to emerge from bunked beds.

We will sit at the table where a nativity is displayed, we will read the reason for this whole shebang, we will pray that our hearts would stay in tuned and tightly knitted to this Jesus, and then we will tear our way into gifts and glee.

I’m all aflutter over it. Even me here – completely grown!

Lots of merry coming from Mama tonight!

Lord, let me be this way more often! In the middle of the year! On an ordinary Tuesday! In the midst of all that mothering, loving, living holds! More often, God. Joy, contentment, expectation! Not always…. just more often!

Ah, now I feel a New Years post coming on.

In due time, friends 🙂

Hoping I can get some shut-eye after I shut this laptop lid here.

May every eye that hits this page be blessed with laughter, gratefulness, peace – as you journey through your day celebrating our Jesus.

Big, merry hugs to you all.

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