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There’s ham and green bean casserole in the oven.

Our rented house smells like a meal and it makes me glad.

Sitting out back here just adjacent to a pine, there’s a sunflower growing in the crack of our pavement. It’s tall and bright and leaning over a bit from the glory load it’s beholding.

Something else green and lean is shooting up from potted dirt to my left. I never know what will sprout around here, with my oldest loving the bounty that gardening brings.

He will plant anything in hopes of a yield. 

He will gather pots and recyclables, emerge hands into dark dirt, ground a seed, cover it loose but surely, and wait for life to surge.

The first break of green brings happy celebrations. The first realization that a seed isn’t taking brings a trying again.



Two of the things his Mama here needs exemplified the most.

There’s a bush straight ahead at the end of the property just lining the fence – that is flowering something soft blue and beautiful. All these little bunches of deep lavender spilling out off of skinny limbs – my youngest picks them for the baby and me.

He sticks them in our faces all giddy and expects me to quickly find a vase.



Two things I pray he keeps alive and growing.

The trampoline we received two Christmas’ ago is tucked over in the far corner of the yard. It’s dotted with pine needles and twigs. My girl child flies and flips and jumps fine and free on that thing. Her pony tail whips and she throws arms up and back and she laughs loud and sweet.

Watching her, I have envied that carefree spin and prayed that I can partake likewise.



Two things that often times slip slowly away, but two things that make a world of difference in the life of a family.

The timer just went off on the stove. Baked meat and bubbled casserole await.

I’m heading in to plate food, praying that the things dished out here last a lifetime.

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  1. Jan Thompson

    Sweet words. I will take them in and hold on to each one. ♡♡♡♡♡

  2. Kate

    Thank you so much! Have an awesome day! Love you!

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