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What I watch and read heavily effects me.

I have a hard time compartmentalizing things and moving on. Ideas, scenes, lyrics, episodes, paragraphs – they all stick, and they all stay, and they all leave a heavily indented imprint on my soul.

Because of this, I have to be keenly aware of what I’m taking in and processing. My purity of mind, my peace, my positivity, my productivity, my faithfulness, my attitude, my outlook… is all thickly effected by what I expose my eyes and ears to.

I think more of us are like this than we may care to admit. 

Some may call this being overly sensitive, but I just call it being smart. We must be careful about what we ingest, because it effects what we regurgitate.

So, today –  I’d like to ring in some happy.

I want to list out a few good things that are making my life lighter right now. Just a few items, practices, joys – that are providing some order and accord. What might bless me, may break you – I don’t know. But a sweet sharing of what rings in virtue can only create good vibes for us all….

1. Reading through Philippians with friends.

I have a sweet and intimate group of girls I’m having the honor of discipling, if you want to call it that. They have filled my cup just as many times as I have attempted to fill theirs. We are reading a chapter a week, studying, memorizing, hashing it out in our own homes and hearts – and then emailing out our takeaways and insights on Tuesdays through email. It has kept me accountable, and it has renewed my mind over the last several days.

2. Writing more regularly.

We women have got to find a way to practice and incorporate our passions into our everyday living. We juggle, and we cajole, and we balance so much – but squeezing in time to dive into the things that make our hearts soar, is satisfying. And… it boosts us up to grind out and complete the many tasks we tackle that we may not totally enjoy.

3. Allowing people to pray for me.

I always feel whiny when I ask for prayer. Yet, I constantly encourage other people to share requests with no shame. Why I don’t treat myself the same, I don’t know. I have a few good, fine ladies who will drop everything to pray over something for me. Often times, just bringing issues to light rings in some healing. It’s healthy, and it allows God to touch whatever you’re harboring or dealing with.

4. Sally Clarkson’s podcasts

Sally is a beast when it comes to home and child-rearing. She has mentored me through page, and now, podcast. She has taught me about atmosphere, attitude, patience, joy – in my mothering and homeschooling. She is currently launching her new book The Life-giving Home, and has posted several podcasts on the topic. I listen to them while I’m doing laundry. It makes folding and hanging much more fun.

5. Beeswax candles

I’m a sucker for a good scent. I really am. I want my home to be filled with fine aromas, but I’ve been doing some research into what is actually placed into the candles I so regularly buy. Seeing the soot line the glass after a burning made me start thinking. So, I discovered beeswax. It’s clean, it purifies, and there’s no nasty black stuff that lines the rim as you burn it. They don’t really smell, but they do provide ambiance and a sweet flicker.

6. Reading about reading

Y’all know I like books. I could linger around a bookstore for a week and never tire. But Glady’s Hunts book Honey for a Woman’s Heart has particularly blessed me as of late. It breaks books down into topics, gives you some advice and commentary, and gets you excited about reading’s long list of benefits. I am particularly enjoying the chapter entitled Growing Up on the Inside – Spiritual Growth Books. My ‘to-read’ list just got a whole lot longer.

7. Early mornings and open windows

I enjoy a good dawn. Always have. Got it from my Daddy. But for a while there, I had slipped into a habit of staying up late and sleeping until the kids arose. This was disastrous. A mama needs a moment before her charges charge the day. While I often times have to drag myself into my Target robe in the wee hours – I am always, always glad for the moments I steel before children awake. And the window…. it allows the morning to seep in.

There’s more. But perhaps I’ll save those for another happy post sometime. The boys are barking for breakfast.

Let’s allow this to be a reoccurring thing. Every once in a while, all of us gathering here to share what’s making life more interesting and noble. Feel free to share your own in the comments, or just pop in quietly to take a peek and run. Either way, you’re welcome here always.

Have a joyous Wednesday, friends.

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  1. Brooke

    Love numbers 3 and 7, and number 4 has sparked my attention! ❤️

  2. Kate

    Yes! Thanks for reading today, friend! Enjoy the rest of your week! 🙂

  3. Beth Tatman

    I love the early morning as well! Nothing gets my day going better than an early morning run!

  4. Kate

    Wow! So awesome, Beth! I’m not a great ‘morning workout’ person! Sometimes I wish I was one so that I could just have it done for the day! Enjoy your runs! Notice all the beauty and such around you as you do! Thanks for reading! 🙂 – Kate

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