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I’m watching a bee buzz nectar from a luffa flower.

The wind is whooshing in spurts, blowing the flower about, making the bee move and adjust to do her duty.

But this bee – she knows her purpose. She knows what she’s called to. She knows she needs the nectar. So rather than splitting back to the hive because the work wasn’t easy, she flits fast as the flower does and gets what she came for.

That’ll preach, yes?

I’ve missed this. Sitting down here is allowing me an exhale.

All I’ve been able to do is drag in all kinds of wild, heavy air the past few weeks. There’s been no real head, or heart, or calendar space to release it.

Some of the wild changes and events that I’ve faced lately made me feel like I was sliding off the apple cart a bit. Nothing has transpired that is comparable to a tragedy, it’s just been a slow wearing.

I’m thankful I’m making my way back up amongst the fruit again.

I’ll come round to writing through some of the things, but up until now I’ve had to suppress the needed walk and address impending life. I’m on the fringes of really feeling it all however, which means there will be words to match. Stay tuned if you’re so inclined.

Yiruma just played the last note of a favorite, the young ones will be waking soon, the older ones will be fetched shortly, the potatoes need peeled and soaked, the t-shirts need hung, the uniforms need ironed, and the publish button needs to be pushed.

But I just really needed this quick swig of water today.


I wrote the above yesterday afternoon. I’m sitting here this morning watching the bustle of work folk grab coffee and make their way to a paycheck.

I can’t even remember the last time I sat in a coffee shop to weave words, take a breath, find myself again.

Just as my husband switched the bedside lamp light off last night, he rolled over to me and said that his Tuesday morning would allow him the rare freedom of providing me a few hours out. He scrambled eggs and helped with lunches and drove our kids to their learning.

I grabbed my book bag, stuffed it quick, and nestled into a window seat for a while.

I knew the moment would be short, it’s almost up actually, but I’m glad for taking it. We mamas have to snatch the quiet in spurts, don’t we? Letting them pass us by because of their brief duration is something we can’t afford to do. Take and seize the fleeting moments of rest. They end up adding up and being just enough somehow.

The sun seems brighter this morning, with all the clouds that have covered our area lately, it makes that hot star seem like it’s blazing a bit more brilliant today.

The haste of people coming in for liquid energy is waning. They have all clocked in and are off and at it.

It’s time for me to follow suit.

Back soon, hopefully. I’m better at life when I’ve had time to scribe.

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  1. Jan Thompson

    Missed your pen! Love to you, D., and the J’s ~♡♡♡♡♡~

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