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Our steal away did end up getting stolen.

Our long sweet weekend that we had been beholding with zeal, was cut short by the cold that ravaged my youngest.

My Sunday morning church service got swiped too.

I just couldn’t drop his running nose off at class knowing that he would transmit that thing to someone else’s little doll, and ruin their Easter plans or something.

So, we stayed put and I pouted.

I’m learning that when you’re a preacher’s wife you can’t take turns staying home on Sundays with whoever is ill. It’s Mama every time.

The sky was a clear cobalt yesterday – no white anywhere. The sun was strong and smooth all day, and so was the breeze. We sat outside while the pines and palms swished loud, and wondered at the power of wind. How wild that something so forceful and effectual can come from something we can’t see! We can watch the effects of the gale, but we are blind to the blow itself.

Kinda sounds like faith, huh?

The free morning at home afforded me the opportunity to organize certain areas and get a jump start on cleaning. I also did some extra reading. Gifts!

And as it turns out, the chopped getaway ended up giving, too. Even though it was curtailed, cutting loose and busting out of my ordinary for a while, gave me a fresh perspective.

As I mentioned last week, there is often times some silver that we can pull from situations. This isn’t ever my initial reaction to things, but it’s growing more common as certain plights begin to settle. Lord, continue to help me with this.

It’s back to the bustle today. My husband’s meetings started well before dawn this morning, I have a curriculum book sitting on the bar that needs to have items checked off, and the washer is locked and loaded and full – ready for another spin.

I’m praying now that peace surprises each of us today…

That it pops up and peeks out from around corners…

That it will surpass all our circumstances and understandings…

And that it will carry us all through to the calm of evening.

What grace that we can call on Him.

Have a blessed and beautiful Monday, friends.

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  1. Judy

    We missed you last night at CG! But now I know why.

  2. Kate

    Missed y’all too! Hugs to you Judy!! 🙂

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